6 best workout to get big forearms at home

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

Everyone wants to make attractive forearms, but very few people know about the effective exercises to train forearms muscle, and some people do not pay much attention to forearms.

The forearm is an integral part of our body, whose muscle is required to train because trained forearms make you attractive.

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

Today in this article, I will tell you about the 6 best workouts that will help to make your forearm muscles attractive and attractive.

We will cover 6 exercises in this article and divide them into 3 groups. Covering 2 exercises in each group will perform in supersets.
Let us know about these workouts one by one.

Group – 1

1- behind the back wrist curl

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

You will need one bar to do this exercise. You can do this online or at home using the bar.


  • Holding the bar from behind, curl the wrist as much as possible.
  • Release by holding for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • After releasing, keep the bar hold on the finger. That will put a load on your forearms.
  • Take the grip from the back and curl the wrist.
  • Perform 20 to 25 wraps.

Note – Perform this process slowly that felt each movement.

2- Towel wrist rotation

We will do this exercise without taking a break after performing the first exercise. This exercise pumps your forearms.


  • Lift the bar with the help of the towel (make a grip on the towel).
  • After lifting, rotate the wrist 180 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise.
  • Perform the rotation slowly.
  • Hold the bar for 45 to 90 seconds.

Note – Perform 3 sets (1 set is a combination of both exercises Group-1)

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In this group too, we will perform two exercises in supersets.

1- Reverse curl

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

To do this exercise also, we have to take the help of the bar. Lift the bar and make sure the position of the grip is slightly inwards from the solder.


  • Tighten the core.
  • Do not move the elbow.
  • Lift the bar maximum to the solder.
  • Use forearms to lift.
  • Breathe out while lifting.
  • 3 sets of 12 reps

2- Wrist roller

It is an interesting exercise and you can order it online as well.


  • Straighten the arms and roll them up.
  • Breath normal.
  • Do not keep too much weight.
  • After rolling completely, roll the roller towards the bottom.
  • Keep the speed normal
  • 3 sets up to failure

Group – 3

1- Reverse wrist curl

6 best workout to get big forearms at home

You will need a flat bench and 5 to 7 kg of dumble.

  • Make a grip on the dumble and hang.
  • Reverse curl the dumble that’s squeezed your forearms.
  • Use lightweight.
  • Hit the muscle more than you can.
  • 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps

2- Forearms Squeeze

As soon as you complete the first set of reverse wrist curls, then perform the forearm squeeze exercise without rest. For which 

  • use a squeegee ball or lock.
  • Lock or squeeze the ball with all your strength.
  • Perform it with both your hands.
  • 2 sets up to failure

You must perform the above 6 best workout to get big forearms at home and post your review below.

If you have any doubt about any exercise, then post your comment below. I hope you like this article and make your forearms attractive.

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