9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat


9 Resistance band exercises for belly fat

Today’s article is all about the best resistance band exercise for belly fat, for a long time, people use dumbbells and kettlebells to keep themselves fit, but that’s not portable, and sometimes they are difficult to find.

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

so a lot of people are turning to at-home resistance band workouts certainly, and we whipped up an incredible exercise for you that only requires

we’ll be focusing on all the different parts of the body but specifically,
In today’s article, we’ll be looking at ABS to get our core and our ab muscles nice toned and sculpted and give us stability for all of our other exercises

the first exercise or for all the exercises we’re doing 20 seconds rest 45 seconds of work


9 Resistance band exercises for belly fat

  1. Planck to bear 
  2. Standing Obliques
  3. Oblique Crunch
  4. Hollow Body Hold to Crunch
  5. Plank with Tap
  6. Penguin Crunch
  7. Bicycle Crunch
  8. Plank with Shuffle
  9. Staggered Leg Lower

1- Planck to bear with mini band

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

push yourself and keep on moving throughout each exercise, the first one is a plank to bear, so we’re going down into a plank, and then what we’re going to do is walk each foot in

  • our knees are at a 90-degree angle, and then walk them back out into a plank position
  • keep the core nice and tight, and let’s start moving so in and out
  • Trap your mini resistance band on both your feet
  • keep moving the tension in the band around the feet, and keep working through nice
  • good keep breathing
Note- You can do many more exercises with the help of this mini-band, which you can see in the above video.

2- Standing Obliques

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

There are many ways you can perform the standing oblique exercise with a resistance band.

keeps your hands behind your head, and what we’re going to do is again keep the band wrapped around your feet,

  • you’re going to lift off and get your knee to come as high up
  • the elbow as you can so that you can feel the stretch in the oblique muscles
  • we’ll do 45 seconds on the other side after
  • the stomach and again keep the core nice and tight
  • the muscles at the side of our tummy get that core nice and strong 

Note-  many other exercises keeping a strong core

3- Oblique Crunch

We perform this exercise while standing on the side oblique muscle, and so that we can burn side fat with the help of a resistance band.

  • Keep a gap of 1 foot in both your legs.
  • Holding the resistance band, move both your sides
  • lean to the side so that the other side feels the tension

4- Crunch with resistance band

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

we’re doing a hollow body hold to a crunch, so for this exercise, we are taking the legs out don’t touch the floor and hold for a couple of seconds, and then back out again,

  •  hold let’s go, so crunch it in and back out
  • In this exercise try and keep your back flat and the lower on the way out that you put your legs
  • the floor with dial touch and not to touch the floor on the way out
  •  those stomach muscles, and when you crunch in and hold for a couple of seconds

5- Plank with Tap

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

the band around the ankles, and we’re going to go into a plank position keeping the core nice and tight

keep your bum down and try not to keep your bond higher that’s not good, so bum down and then stepping out with the left out with the right

  • tension in the band at all times if this is too tough for you that you can hold a plank position
  •  try and keep moving and push yourself
  • you try to tap your paws and knee with the resistance band

Do it for about 10 to 15 reps, and again, if this is easy, then you’re probably not engaging your core. 

Make sure that the abs stay nice and engaged, and you’re tightening the whole time. And that’s how you do a plank with knee taps.

6- Penguin Crunch with resistance band

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

penguin crunch onto our backs, and we’re going to keep the band above our head, and what we’re going to do is stretch it out keep a flat back, and you’re moving side to side

  • this exercise is best because it’s also stretching our upper body at the same time
  • Wearing the resistance band closed in both your hands, lift it up and then move both sides.

Note- watch this video as a demo, then use a resistance band in a move

7- Bicycle Crunch with resistance band

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

we stayed in this same position like our backs flat, and now the band is going to go around your feet like 

now knees into the chest and what you’re going to do is extend each leg one at a time keeping that tension in the band at all times 

  • keep your core tight and breathing properly
  • Try to touch both your feet on your chest in turn.
  • Do 2 to 3 sets of this for 45 seconds

8- Plank with Shuffle with band

  1. Start in a plank position with a resistance band stretched around the palms of your hands. 
  2. Keeping your body as straight and still as you can, move one out to one side in a controlled movement. 
  3. Follow with the other hand so you are back in a plank position.
  4. Now walk that second hand out wide, and follow with the first hand. 
  5. Repeat, going side to side and maintaining as still a body as you can.
There are many other ways to do this, depends on the resistance band.

9- Side Leg Raises With Resistance Band

9Best Resistance band exercises for belly fat

This video shows you how to use a Meglio Resistance Loop to perform side leg raises.
This exercise is beneficial to aid hip stability and for training the activation of your glutes.
We suggest completing 10-12 reps on each side and a total of 2-3 sets.


In this article, we have covered a lot of belly fat and core exercises with resistance bands.
But this does not mean that the same exercise is for core and abs, there is a lot of exercises that we cannot tell you in this one article.

These 9 Resistance band exercises for belly fat for a beginner and it is best to start, by this, you can remove your belly fat.

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