Best Resistance band for abs workout at home India 2021

Key Features of this product
  • Our pedal resistance band is very light and convient to take anywhere. You can use the resistance exercise band in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors.
  • Completely fit hand design helps catching, flexible foam to protect from harm, increase range of motion stretching, reduce the risk of injury warming up before playing sports and relieve post exercise aches and pains after exercise, reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility
  • Elastic pull rope optimal resistance and great stability, never losing its shape, rip or fray. Pullers are commonly used for exercise: abdomen training, arm training, shoulder training, waist training and leg training
  • The pedal resistance band with 4 tubes, pedal is made of environmental foam, and tube is made of NBR. 4pcs pull ropes is high tensile strength and good elasticity. Durable and comfortable with tens of thousands of times by tensile testing.
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Best Resistance band for abs workout at home

Tone and shape every part of your body with this Multi-Function Tension pull Rope!

This equipment will tighten your abdominal, can exercise your waist, arms, legs and back. It’s portable and lightweight, easy to remove high quality elastic tension training equipment. This product is very soft, absorbent and slip resistant

With the help of this pull rope equipment, your abs, legs, and butt get an effective exercise. It is an effective tool in your exercise in many ways.
With the help of this tool, you can trim your tummy as well as give a nice and attractive shape to your legs and whole body.

  • Various modes of exercise can be used, both standing and seated.
  • Portable and light weight makes it easy to store
  • Can be used anytime anywhere even at home or office!
  • You can easily use it in gym and anywhere.

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 Resistance band for abs – Product features:
  1. flexible to use- It is a very safe and flexible tool to use in the gym and at home.
  2. Easy to carry anywhere and use it anytime, it just depends on your mood how you want to use it
  3. ORIGINAL Resistance Bands – designed to stand up to most rigorous workout conditions
  4. this pull up band get Professional Grade and quility
  5. D-handle comfort- It has a D handle so that you can do any moment continuously with ease. Whether it’s the belly, legs, and core
  6. Multi-function rubber- It uses multifunction rubber that can handle to work any part of your body, such as your arms, abs, legs, back
  7. Increase range of motion- It reduces the risk of getting injured while doing this worm up.

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Product Descriptions:

Item: Pedal Resistance Band Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Equipment, Bodybuilding Expander for Abdomen/Waist/Arm/Leg Stretching Slimming Training
Size:20.86×9.84 inch
Color: Purple, orange, green
Material:product is made of enviromental foam, and tube is made of NBR

 Resistance band for abs  Resistance band for abs

Why we choose (Sit-ups) Resistance band for abs puller:
  1. someone in your family and friends is struggling to lose weight, then you can give it to him as a amazing gift.
  2. Not only can you do rehabilitation exercises with this pullup band, but you can also perform fat burning, muscle building exercises with it.
  3. With its use, you can stop cervical pain and lumbar pain, so that it keeps you healthy.
  4. Tones and strengthens the abdomen, waist and legs, arms, hips, thighs while working on the abs at the same time
  5. Bodybuilding Expander for Abdomen/Waist/Arm/Leg Stretching Slimming Training.

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