Top 3 Best supplement for beginners in India 2022

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Top 3 Best supplement for beginners in India 2022 | थ्री बेस्ट सप्लीमेंट्स फॉर बिगनर्स 2022


Today we will discuss with all people a very trending topic, which is the Top 3 best supplements for beginners in India 2022 that you should include with your diet if you go to the gym or build your muscle,

best supplements for beginners

I know that many beginners are influenced by some good physique people in the gym and start taking various kinds of supplements, Which they should not take.

Perhaps you should improve your natural diet first when you can add supplements to your diet.

Taking care of all these things, I will tell you about the Top 3best supplements for beginners in India 2022.

Overview of Top 3 best Supplement for beginners in India 2021

1- Best Whey protein supplements for beginners

 The three type of whey protein supplements in the market 

  1. whey protein concentrate
  2. whey protein isolate
  3. whey protein hydrolysate

as a beginner, If it has been a few days since you joined the gym so you should start with whey protein concentrate

When you finish your exercise morning or evening, Then you can take 1scoop of whey protein powder after 20munites

But a lot of myths about whey protein supplements

Too much myth is available on the internet but let me dispel some of your myths about whey protein.
You can consume whey protein supplements during weight lossweight gain, and building muscle without side effects.

But ” How much should be consumed?” is another question.
First of all, you should calculate your natural diet every day, how to do we calculation.

For Example

If your weight is 100 kg, and there is another person whose weight is 50 kg.

  • 25calories per kilogram of body weight are required every day for muscle gain and being healthy.
  • We need 50% carbohydrate, 35% protein, 15% fats out of all the calories.
  • Now compare how much of the 35% protein comes from your natural diet, then observe how much protein is lacking.
  • Fulfill your requirement by consuming whey protein

Why whey proteins are essential for muscle building?

When we perform our exercise in a gym our muscle tissue is broken down, and using whey protein recovers all muscle tissue after exercise.

Another reason it’s easy to digest after a workout within a minute so that we get the result quickly.

Note- if you are on a weight loss journey you should consume whey protein isolate because this form of whey protein contains a low amount of carbs help to reduce your weight.

2- Best Multivitamins name in India

If you want, you can add multivitamins with protein, so this is because in this process you try to take any of your diets, you do miss out on some essential vitamins in your lifestyle.

Which shouldn’t be left out if you want to improve your health, it might be good hair, nails, skin, muscle.
Iron, zinc, vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium these vitamins in improving your general health

Best Multivitamin supplement for beginners in India Review

Benefits of multivitamins for health

  1. vitamin D and calcium improve your bone health.
  2. Zinc and magnesium are essential for good sleep.
  3. Iron improves your hemoglobin in your body.
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Improve your muscle strength
  6. Increase Energy level

So purchase a good multivitamin from any brand and start consuming one serving with breakfast.

3- Healthy Fats supplements

Now how will good fat help, you might ask?
Very few people know about its benefits because many people do not know about fat supplements.
Whenever your workouts then a lot of inflammation occurs in the body, and it hampers your muscle growth

best Fat Supplement for beginners in India Review

So let’s know about its Benefits of fat supplements.

  • If you consume a good amount of good fats in your diets, then you can stay away from inflammations
  • your heart remains healthy because it is the muscle involved in performing any exercise as it delivers oxygen to the working muscle.

So pls if you are a beginner and you want to improve your heart and overall health include fat supplements in your diet.

There is a good amount of fat inside these oils.

Non-vegetarian can use fish oil, flexed oil, badam Rogan.


Vegetarians can use only flaxseed oil or badam Rogan.


How to use

  • The best time to have good fat is at night before bed.



if you use these three supplements in your diet during exercise, which could be strength, stamina, or endurance.

I suggest you want to make your muscle please you don’t rely on only supplements and diet so keep attention on your workout, Then you get good results.


So do an instance workout and add all Top 3 best supplement for beginners in India 2022 in your diet.

This buying guide will help you to buy Top 3 best supplements to start your muscle-building journey.


What kind of supplements do you suggest by trainers or people you around, please post your comment below. 


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