5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Biceps Curls

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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Biceps Curls

5 Tips for Getting biceps curl are the most effective exercise for training the arm muscle in isolation and to exhaustion. Unfortunately, many follow the same tactic: they quickly move the dumbbells up and down, over and over, until they’ve completed 1,000 reps.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Biceps Curls

They could one day injure themselves due to overwork. But as is often the case in life, the key to success is not to do more but to do better. This is how it works.

1 – The correct posture for Biceps Curls

First of all, correcting your posture is necessary, the position of the hands and arms. The proper technique stimulates your biceps to develop optimally. Take two dumbbells and extend your arms to either side of your chest. Select the bottom handle, so that your palms face your body first.

Your elbows should touch your chest throughout the movement. contract abdominal muscles before lifting the dumbbells. Make sure straight. Pull shoulder blades back.

The more reps you do, the harder it will be to maintain this position, especially if your shoulder blades pull back and down. If your posture is deteriorating, if you can no longer maintain the position or gain momentum, it’s time to take a break or lighten your weight.

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2 – Proper breathing during exercise

Breathing is an important tool for performance during strength training.
It helps you maintain a slow, steady pace, stay focused, and keep your core stable. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder height.

Hold the position briefly, then inhale as you lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner. Count to at least three. You don’t go too fast, and you don’t skip an important part of the exercise.

3 – The rotation of the wrists before the curl

Many forget that the rotation of the forearms is one of the main functions of the biceps. If you want your muscle to grow to the max, you have to push it to the max. Start by placing your palms, so that they point towards the body with each repetition.

Then start the curl by rotating your forearms. During the upward movement, rotate them so that your palms are finally facing the ceiling. When getting to your starting position, turn them towards your body and start again.

Extra tip: Once in the starting position, contract the triceps briefly, then only then turn the palms towards the body again.

4 – A controlled exercise and preferably in less quantity

One of the most important principles of bodybuilding is this: technique should always take precedence over quantity.

It means that better to be careful to perform the exercise correctly rather than using heavier dumbbells or even working with momentum. Doing the exercise on your knees or sitting on a weight bench is a trick to get the most out of a Biceps Curl.

That will prevent you from contracting your hips or legs to lift the dumbbells. Take lighter dumbbells and be even more careful to perform the exercise slowly and in a controlled manner.

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5 – Communication with your biceps

Have you ever heard of the neuromuscular connection? Communication between the brain and the muscles is the secret to successful bodybuilding.

Studies show that targeted mental control over muscles during exercise leads to performance. So when you do Biceps Curls, do it mindfully. Imagine exactly how the muscle is under tension as you curl the dumbbells towards your shoulder and slowly release again.

By the way, practicing in front of the mirror can help you and does not make you an egomaniac! To learn more “Tips for Getting biceps curl” about the subject, continue your


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