Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

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Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Don’t have the time or the desire to go to the gym? Never mind, spring shows you the perfect exercises to do at home, to keep you fit! Who said that working from home would prevent you from having physical activity?

And before starting your training at home, remember to warm up well by starting with a 10-minute warm-up. To give a boost, nothing better than our Energy Aminos, an ideal BCAA combo before training!

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Fitness exercises to do at home: here’s what you should pay attention to

Training at home is not difficult and saves a lot of time. The only thing you need is to know the right fitness exercises that will help you stay fit. You don’t have to use weight machines to get results.

All roads lead to Rome: remember that even home training has to push you to your limits to be effective. It is required to increase the intensity and difficulty of your exercises to stimulate muscle growth.

For your training at home, you can, for example, start with a variation, do more unilateral exercises or add resistance with dumbbells or elastic bands.

The best fitness exercises will not help you if your training is not adapted to your level and if your diet is not healthy.

A healthy and balanced diet is the foundation for optimal progress. This also applies when training at home. To be able to perform as well as possible at work, during training, or in the private sphere, you must consume enough energy every day, in the form of carbohydrates or fats.

At the same time, you also need protein so that your muscles can rebuild and rest optimally after your session.

If you don’t have time to prepare a balanced meal before or after your workout and still want to supply some energy and protein, then the protein shake is exactly what you need. Whey or Vegetable Protein will be your allies for good performance.

5 fitness exercises to do at home without equipment

1. Hyperextension

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Important points- Raise your back slowly and controlled way, looking down.

Focus: Lower back

Variation: Extend arms forward to increase angle and difficulty.

2. Sit-Ups

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Focus- Abdominals + hip flexors

Important points- The back remains straight on the ascent.

Easy variation- Raise your upper body only slightly (crunch).

Difficult variation- Simultaneously bring your upper body and your legs together.

3. Sideplank Hip Lift

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Focus: Trunk

Important points: Place your elbow at the level of your shoulder. Lower your hips until you graze the floor without touching it.

Easy variation: Help yourself by placing your free hand on the floor in front of bending one or both knees.

Difficult variation: If you have no difficulty keeping your balance, extend your free arm to the sky.

4. Leg Raises

Focus: Rectus abdominal muscle

Important points: You always contact your bust enough to avoid hollowing out your back.

Easy variation: Bend your legs when you raise them.

Difficult variation: Lift your hips even more off the ground when your legs are extended vertically.

5. Superman Plank

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Focus: Bust and balance

Easy variation: Lift the legs alternately and keep the support on the forearms.

Difficult variation: Plank on the palms, Lift each arm and each leg separately.

Download your training plan to do at home to stay fit in all circumstances, without the need for a gym or equipment!

3 Fitness exercises with weights to do at home

If you want to intensify your training a bit, you can also use free weights at home. For this, you only need a pair of dumbbells, a disc, or a kettlebell.

1. Russian Twist

rissian twist

Focus: Rectus abdominis muscle + obliques

Important points: The feet should remain as still as possible, and the upper body remains straight.

Easy variation: Perform the exercise without weight.

Difficult variation: Have someone throw a medicine ball at you and throw it back after spinning.

2. Walking Lunges

Best exercises to do at home to burn fat

Focus: Gluteus major, quadriceps, deep stabilizer muscles, coordination.

Secondary muscles: trunk, biceps femoris, arms

Required points: When you put your foot on the ground, your knee and ankle should be roughly aligned. The whole movement is coordinated. If in doubt, start with bodyweight training.

Easy variant: Performs the lunges in place or with a light load.

Hard variant: Increases the load.

3. Standing Calf Raises With Weight

Focus: Calves, core stability, and balance

Important points: Stabilize your hips while lifting yourself on your tiptoes.

Easy variation: Lean on a surface with one hand.

Difficult variation: Try to perform the exercise on one foot.

Your muscles only grow if you give them enough time to recover after a good workout. In our article on overcompensating, find out how to train for the best possible results in fitness, weight loss, running, and strength training.

More fitness to do at home

You will find many training plans with fitness exercises to do at home. To make your training as varied as possible, we have put together fitness exercises for your stomach, legs, and buttocks, for your six-pack, for losing weight, building muscle, or simply improving your general shape.

Do you want to do training exercises for your stomach and buttocks? Here you will find the training plan that suits you.

Want to lose weight? Ensure a moderate caloric deficit and sufficient daily physical activity. Our weight loss training circuit will help you achieve your goal.


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