7 Reasons your muscle are not growing| muscle gaining mistake

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By robb the singh

7 Reasons your muscle are not growing| muscle gaining mistake

Today we will discuss the most required question, which people often ask that we do everything, but muscle is not growing?

Many people suffer from this problem due to a lack of knowledge in the beginning stage, but if you know, then this kind of problem will never come.

7 Reasons your muscle are not growing| muscle gaining mistake

Therefore, today I will tell you 7 such Major Reasons your muscle are not growing, after knowing which solve your problem.

Table of content

  1. Only trend trophy muscle
  2. You don’t mix up things
  3. Not include enough good fat in your Diet
  4. Wrong Technique
  5. Overtraining/ not enough rest
  6. Focusing on too much protein
  7. Doing Cardio the wrong way

1- Only trend trophy muscle

It means that you train the same visible muscle like the chest, arms, shoulder or entire upper body, etc. 

But Believe me, this is the biggest problem because most of them do not like to trend the leg’s muscles, but you have to understand that the legs are the biggest muscle of the whole body or the foundation of your body.

Therefore, without legs muscle, you are not fully utilizing your potential for muscle growth.

  • Due to not working out the legs, the chances of instability in the body increase because of all the exercises you do while standing on the upper body, it is necessary that the leg’s muscle is strong to perform them effectively.
  • Due to your legs muscles being weak, you will not be able to perform workouts by being stable, due to which the growth of the upper body also slows down.
  • If your legs are weak, then there will be muscle imbalance in your body, due to which the chances of injury will increase while working out.
  • When you train your legs, then your body relies on more testosterone, which helps in growing the rest of the muscle as well,

So if you want to build your muscle then train all muscle groups to include legs for a better physique.

2- You don’t mix up things

It is necessary to train with a different angle, intensity, and volume for muscle growth. That means your gaining stops at a level when you train the muscle in the same way for a long time.

  • You have to change your workout every 6 to 8 weeks including different repetition techniques like high rap, low rap, fast rap, slow rap, etc.
  • If you are doing 10 to 12 reps with heavyweight, then sometimes for a week, you should also do 15 to 20 reps with lightweight for muscle gain.
  • Do not do the same exercise for a long time, and bring variation in the exercise that can train your muscle at different angles.
  • Progressive overload is the best way to boost your muscle.

3- Not include enough good fat in your Diet

We all depend on protein and carbs to build muscle and ignore good fat, which causes problems in muscle growth.

  • We pay attention to protein and carbs but do not contain good fat, which increases your good cholesterol, and good cholesterol increases the production of GH in the body, which helps in muscle building.
  • Fat-soluble vitamins like A, B, E, and K help in muscle building. The Vitamins will not be absorbed, due to a lack of good fat body in you, which will cause problems in muscle building.
  • By not eating enough good fat, your testosterone will be low, and testosterone is necessary for muscle building.
  • According to research, omega 3 fatty acids play a required role in muscle building and contain EPA, DHA because of the EPA and DHA increase muscle protein synthesis.

So definitely include good fat like fish, olive oil, avocado, nuts, and peanut butter, etc.

omega 3 fatty acid

4- Wrong Technique

Any exercise creates hypertrophy when the target muscle gets enough load and tension, so it is required to do the exercise with the right technique.

  • Many people jerk or swing while exercising due to ego lifting in the gym, which harms your muscle fiber activation and increases the chances of injury.
  • Some people do not perform the exercise with a full range of motion, and you can activate your muscle only with a full range of motion.
  • Muscles are not growing even if people do not have enough training volume, so I would like to advise you that do 9 to 12 sets for small muscles, and 12 to 16 sets for large muscles.
  • While exercising, the connection of mind and muscle should be good, so lift as much weight so that there is no load on your joint.

5- Overtraining/ not enough rest

In the beginning, many people often think that doing more exercise gains more muscle, but it does not happen at all.

  • Due to overtraining, the muscle does not get time to repair and recover, and when you go to the gym with tired muscles, you will not be able to perform the workout properly, and being tired harms hormones.
  • Many people do not even have enough sleep, and due to less sleep, the level of cortisol in the body will increase, and the production of GH will decrease, which will keep the body in the catabolic stage.
  • Therefore, you should take rest from exercise for one or two days a week and take full sleep of 7 to 8 hours.
  • By doing this, your muscles will be able to repair and grow.

6- Focusing on too much protein

When it comes to surplus for muscle building, people think that eating more protein will make muscle, but it does not happen at all.

  • 1.2 to 1.8 gram/ bodyweight protein is enough for muscle growth, And it has been proved in many studies that eating more protein than recommended does not provide any additional benefit.
  • Along with protein, a good amount of carbohydrates is necessary for fueling the muscles, and carbs are the best source to replace glycation as carbohydrates can convert into energy in a better way than protein and fat.
  • Therefore, due to not eating enough carbohydrates, the body will break down the protein for energy, and due to the use of protein in energy, the muscle will not be able to get amino, and the muscle is breaking down.

7- Doing Cardio the wrong way

By the way, Cardio is good for health because It keeps our heart health good and due to healthy heart, oxygen supply will be good in the muscle, but the problem is that people do not do cardio properly, due to which it is difficult to build muscle. Problem comes.

Many people do before strength training which should not be done because cardio before strength training will drain the maximum energy, and you not be able to perform strength training well.

People who want to build muscle should not do high-intensity cardio like sprinting, jumping because it breaks down your muscle, so you should do low-impact cardio like walking, cross-trainer, cycling, etc.

People who do more cardio have more problems in muscle building, and doing more cardio reduces muscle hypertrophy.

Therefore, They should do 30 minutes of cardio only 3 to 4 times a week after training.

In the end, I would like to tell you that the 7 reasons mentioned above may seem small to you, but following them will help you a lot in muscle building.

If your muscle is not growing, then see what mistakes you are doing, by improving you can get a good physique. I hope you liked this article “7 Reasons your muscle are not growing”.

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