Follow 5 rule to get six pack abs from diet Indian food vegetarian

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By robb the singh

Follow 5 rule to get six pack abs from with diet Indian food vegetarian

Most people go to the gym to look good. But along with looking good, they also get fitness, so this is an extra benefit for us.

But 90-95 percent of people do not go to the gym to stay healthy, and it’s true.

Follow 5 rule to get six pack abs from diet Indian food vegetarian

If you have 6 or 8 pack abs, then many people are attracted towards you, and sometimes even the girls present in the gym get impressed by seeing your abs.

Making abs are a difficult task because you need to be in single-digit body fat percentage. Most people put in a lot of effort for this, many of whom fail.
Do you know the reason behind it? Maybe not.

I want to tell, the reason for not getting your abs is your nutrition!
Most people do not know that you need good nutrition for cutting, and to reduce fat need to eat in a calorie deficit.

To make abs, when they start eating less and healthy, then many people get bored of eating food without chili and spices, and their courage breaks in the middle. But today we are telling you some easy six pack abs from with diet Indian food vegetarian, which can help a lot in making abs.

Table of content

  1. Eat High Protein Food
  2. Don’t forget to eat vegetables
  3. Avoid eating junk food
  4. Calorie Cycling
  5. Workout too

1. Eat High Protein Food

Not only does protein help build your muscles, but it also helps to restore body composition (percentage of muscle, fat, water, and bone).

Eating protein food keeps your stomach full for a long time. By which you will avoid eating junk foods and at the same time work on improving your body composition.
You need to High protein intake (1-1.8 Gm/Kg) should be taken according to body weight, which is considered beneficial for the body.

2- Don’t forget to eat vegetables

Indian people have a habit of eating carbs to fill their stomachs with food. If you keep eating carbs, your abs won’t show, so you’ll need to eat fewer carbs.

You can consume a few amounts of carbs as an athlete, who does a lot of training daily.

If you work out 3-6 days a week for 40 to 60 minutes and spend the rest of the time at a desk, then you need to reduce your carbs. Because while sitting at the desk, you need to eat vegetables, which will keep your stomach full.

Vegetables have a high-calorie ratio, which means they can keep you full without taking in calories from anything else. For this, you mainly use green vegetables.

Food list

  • broccoli
  • Gourd
  • spinach
  • Fenugreek
  • Lettuce
  • kiwi
  • Cauliflower

3- Avoid eating junk food

Your body gets a lot of calories from junk foods, and you must be aware of the junk foods because made from raw products made from maida, which is unhealthy for the body.
Therefore, consuming them can become a wall in the middle of bringing abs.

Some people believe that it does not depend on the calories that come from anything, but how much it depends on the calorie intake,

So, friend, I would like to tell you with an example, that if you have a car, if you put filtered petrol in it, then it will run well for years, but if you put local petrol in it, then it will have problems from time to time, and It will last less.

Our body is also like this if we take calories from food, then the body will become good, and if we take calories from the wrong food then our body will become like that.

4. Calorie Cycling

A secret that many athletes or any fitness model keep is calorie cycling. It simply means that you eat less on the day you do not work out and eat something heavy on the day you work out.

In this way, you can eat different amounts of carbohydrates depending on your activity. That is more carbs on the day when there is more activity, fewer carbs on the day when there is less activity.

5- Workout too

To get abs, you also need to tone your core, for this, you add some exercises to your workout routine. At the same time, you can burn your body fat faster with some hard cardio workout.

Although cardio exercise is for your heart, it burns your calories faster, and due to calorie burning, you can burn your fat, and you start getting absorbed soon.

There are many cardio exercises from which you can choose according to you. You can also be absorbed by cycling, running, swimming, dancing, and your abs will start showing as soon as you start getting absorbed.


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