Get Online Activity of chat just use Yansa – tracker for Whatsapp

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Get Online Activity of chat just use Yansa – tracker for Whatsapp

you cannot see whether your friends are online or offline during your conversations with them. WhatsApp does not provide an official feature that allows you to track this information.

it is still possible to monitor your friends’ online and offline activities by using a separate application called Yansa. To do this, you need to download the Yansa app, which presumably provides the functionality to track the online and offline behavior of your friends on WhatsApp.

Yansa - tracker for Whatsapp

the legitimacy or ethical nature of tracking someone’s online and offline activities without their knowledge or consent. It’s always essential to respect others’ privacy and obtain their permission before monitoring or tracking their actions.

Yansa tracker

The most effective and well-liked app for monitoring your friends’ WhatsApp behaviour is called Yansa”: This part highlights that Yansa is regarded as a highly efficient and popular application for tracking or monitoring the activities of your friends on WhatsApp. It suggests that Yansa is well-regarded for this purpose among users.

“You can monitor your pals’ internet activity”: This means that by using Yansa, you have the ability to keep track of or observe the online behavior of your friends. It implies that the app provides features to monitor what your friends are doing while using WhatsApp.


    • Check out while appearing online
    • View the offline schedule
    • Monitor your usage of WhatsApp.

    How to use Yansa App

    “To track WhatsApp activity, you must first download the Yansa app from the Google Play Store”: This means that in order to monitor or track WhatsApp activity, the first step is to download the Yansa app. You can find and download it from the Google Play Store, which is an app store for Android devices.

    “By using the provided URL below, you may also immediately download the Yansa app”: This suggests that there is a URL or link provided that allows you to download the Yansa app directly. It implies an alternative method of downloading the app instead of going through the Google Play Store.

    “You must launch the programme after downloading it and press the Allow option”: After successfully downloading the Yansa app, the next step is to launch or open the app on your device. Once opened, you need to look for or interact with an option called “Allow.” This step is likely related to granting necessary permissions to the app.

    Select WhatsApp, then input the contact number of the person whose activity you wish to view”: Within the list of available app activities, choose WhatsApp. After that, you need to input the contact number of the person whose activity you want to monitor. This could be the phone number associated with their WhatsApp account.

    “You must enter the profile name after inputting the number”: Once you have entered the contact number, you are required to enter the profile name associated with that number. This step helps the Yansa app to identify and track the specific person’s activity accurately.

    “As soon as you’ve typed in the profile name, press the Ok button”: After inputting the profile name, you should press the “Ok” button or a similar button to confirm and save the settings. This action ensures that the Yansa app will start monitoring the specified person’s WhatsApp activity.

    “Instead of entering the number here, it is preferable to copy it from WhatsApp”: Rather than manually typing the contact number into the Yansa app, it is recommended to copy the number directly from the WhatsApp application. This helps to avoid any potential errors or discrepancies in the entered number.

    “It will start tracking WhatsApp’s online and offline behaviour after 15 minutes”: Once you have set up the necessary details in the Yansa app, it will take approximately 15 minutes for the app to begin tracking the online and offline behavior of the specified person on WhatsApp. This means that you may not see immediate results but will have to wait for a short period.

    “The enabled notification will reach you”: Once the Yansa app starts tracking the WhatsApp activity, you will receive notifications or alerts regarding the monitored person’s online and offline behavior. These notifications will inform you about their status changes, such as when they come online or go offline.

    It’s crucial to emphasize that monitoring someone’s WhatsApp activity without their consent is an invasion of privacy and is generally considered unethical. Always respect others’ privacy and obtain their permission before using such monitoring tools.

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