Screen share app: See anything in your phone using vani meeting

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Screen share app: See anything in your phone using vani meeting

Friends, many times it happens that you try to explain something to your friend through a call on the phone, but your friend does not understand anything. In such a situation, it is very difficult to explain things to you.

Screen share app

That’s why friends, today I am going to tell you about such an app, which will be easy for you to share your information and explain many other things. And you can know the events happening on your friend’s phone through your phone.

Vani meeting screen share apps

You can see everything you want to know about the phone with the help of a link, and you can get information about any other person’s phone through this app.

Features of the Vani meeting app

  • See anything on your phone screen
  • Share screen easily
  • Easy user interface
  • start presenting your mobile screen while talking
  • Watch Videos, Browse Websites, Read Documents, or Shop Together
  • No Login requires

How to download and use the Vani Meetings- Share screen app

Step- 1

If you want to install the new Share Screen App Vani Meeting, then below we have provided you a link through which you can download this app by authentically going to Google Play Store. Or you can also go to the direct play store and search for the Vani app and install it on your phone first.


Now after you have installed this Share Screen app on your phone, open this app and tap all the permissions available in this app at your convenience. By tapping on its share screen button, anyone whose phone you want to capture or operate, share the link to this app and get it installed.

You can also share this app on WhatsApp or any other app, through which you can also install this app on your friend’s phone.

step 3

After completing the second step, this step is the funniest, so that you will understand the real use of this app, when you share the link of this app on anyone’s phone, then after linking that you will be able to use it on his phone. You can get access to it so that you can easily see and operate all the events happening on your phone.

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