E2PDF backup app- Backup contact, massage and call history through email

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By robb the singh

E2PDF backup app- Backup contact, massage and call history through email

You must be contacting friends, coworkers, and others on the phone. Your call logs contain a record of your calling information. When you switch phones, it gets immediately removed. On occasion, it will also automatically erase or remove from your phone. If you would want a copy of it back or a backup PDF that you can access at any time. I’m going to talk to you today about backing up and restoring your SMS and call downloads. To learn more about this, read this post all the way through.

E2PDF for backup

This is the best way to recover your phone’s contacts, SMS, calls, and other data. It creates a PDF with all of your SMS, calls, contacts, etc. You may easily download and restore an SMS backup.

How can you use the E2PDF

Check to see whether you already have the E2PDF app; if not, you must download it. Now, how do you get this app?

The download option may be found at the bottom of the post. To download and install the app on your phone, click the download icon. After installation, open the app and choose the I have read and agree box before selecting the continue option.

Select what you want to backup by clicking the proceed button and selecting options such as SMS, Contacts, SMS statistics (daily), Call Statistics (daily), etc.

If you wish to restore this and give this app permission, click on the SMS or Contacts. Select the Contacts or SMS, type the file name, and then select the Export to PDF option. After selecting the Export to PDF option, give permission. Your PDF SMS and Contacts are now available. You are free to view the PDF whenever you wish.


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