Time Password app- Set real time lock on phone

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Time Password app- Set real time lock on phone

To protect your phone from a stranger, you must set the phone lock. When you lock your phone, nobody else can use your phone lock password to unlock it.

Time Password app

On your phone, however, you never use this particular real-time screen lock password. You may use this software to instantly lock and unlock your phone. For your phone to unlock, enter the real-time. You must download the new real-time lock app on your phone in order to establish the real-time lock.

Real-Time Lock Password app

One of the greatest applications for setting a real-time lock on a phone is this one. Additionally, users may customise the lock screen and personalise it with their names.


  • iPhone-style screen lock
  • Customizable lock screen
  • Parallax effect lock
  • Add your name on the lock screen
  • Customize wallpaper
  • 24-hour time format
  • Pin Passcode
  • Pin + Minute Passcode, Pin + Current Time Passcode, Pin + Day Passcode, Pin + hour passcode

How to utilise the screen Lock Time Password and download it

To install the screen lock application, click the provided download link. The screen lock app is also available on the Google Play Store. Search for the time lock app by tapping the search icon after opening the Play Store. To download and install the screen time lock app on your phone, tap the download icon.

You must launch the real-time lock app after downloading it to your phone and change the Enable Lock setting. When prompted for permission, you must hit the Allow button to grant it. To enable the lock once more, you must provide permission.

After giving this app permission, enter the Recovery Passcode Answer. Your phone’s real-time screen lock is now configured.

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