Effective healthy diet and food for fit healthy body

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Effective healthy diet and food for fit healthy body

Not everyone puts the cursor in the same place. For most, eating healthy means eating a balanced diet. Others think it’s eating organic or without polluting products. Finally, for some, eating healthy means avoiding McDo and ready meals, in short, going from deprivation to deprivation.

healthy diet and food for fit healthy body

What does healthy eating mean?

Macro and micronutrients are the basis for successful healthy diet for healthy body.

It depends on the objective but the proportion is as follows if we want to lose weight: 30% proteins, 55% carbohydrates, and 15% lipids.

Eating healthy and balanced means respecting the ratio of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, but favoring healthy foods and vitamins or eating foods.

It seems necessary to avoid as much as possible what is salty or sweet fat in cooked dishes or sauce. But what seems easy is not for everyone.

Doesn’t mean Light food is healthy

So-called light-ready meals seem perfectly healthy and balanced, but often this is not the case. The proportion of protein is insufficient, the dishes are low in fat but not in sugar, and there are flour-based sauces to create the illusion of a cooked dish.

If you do not eat fruits and vegetables, you risk lacking vitamins and minerals, especially in the case of a diet that, if it is unbalanced, exposes you to deprivation.

However, even without knowing how to cook and without constraint, it is easy to associate a simple base including meat or fish, starchy foods, and vegetables with each meal . And to not miss anything, consider vitamin supplements.

Why is healthy eating required?

There are several reasons for wanting to healthy diet for healthy body and balanced, among them the simplest: for health, in the context of sport, or to lose weight or build muscle.

1. Health

The first reason, health, is almost self-explanatory. If you eat fatty, salty, and sweet foods, you are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease, problems such as hypertension, or diabetes. If we don’t realize it at 20, the body quickly calls us to order at the first analyses.
In general, when you get older and less fit or become a parent in turn, you become more sensitive to eating well.

2. Sports

Eating healthy for an athlete is quickly essential if he wants to improve his performance and his performance. The fuel has to be good to keep the metabolic machine running at full speed.

And when you play sports the needs for nutrients, vitamins and minerals are higher and therefore it is even more necessary than for others to eat healthy diet for healthy body.

3. Weight

We want to know how to eat healthy to lose weight
you have to remove all the superfluous to lose weight, so eating healthy without sauces added sugars, and fats make more sense.
And it works whether you want to eat healthy to lose fat, to lose weight overall, or to lose belly fat.

4. Muscle

To gain muscle, it is also better if you eat healthily.
When you try to gain muscle, you quickly understand that the quality of the diet matters.

Eating healthy means making the right food choices, those that will be productive for the objective to be achieved. You need to eat the right amounts at the right time.

And if you want to grow, nothing prevents you from eating healthy to expand your figure without clogging your arteries.

Even if you want to gain mass, you are not ready to gain fat. Eating healthy allows you to gain pounds less quickly but more surely and composed of muscle mass without fat.

What food to eat healthily?

There is no natural food that would not be healthy, even oil or butter is healthy provided you do not abuse them. Contain essential vitamins and fatty acids.

What is unhealthy is the combination of certain fats and sugars together. It is the abuse of these that is harmful.

The less we consume industrial dishes, the more we are protected from additives and preservatives. On the other hand in healthy food, we include more fruits and vegetables likely to be victims of pollutants and pesticides.

Choosing organic or local producers can avoid these pitfalls. The less the products have traveled, the more likely they are to be natural.

How to compose the meals of the day?

Always know that in the morning, and evening, you keep the G/P/L ratio so important.
It does not mean that each of our meals or snacks must obey this rule, but must be part of the continuity of daily needs.

Eating healthy in the morning does not mean starving yourself. It does not mean being hungry and depriving yourself of everything. However, the bread, butter, and jam combo is not the healthiest option compared to another option that cottage cheese/strawberries/oatmeal.
The same topo favors proteins and controlling carbohydrates to avoid fat storage.

What to buy?

Shopping is not that complicated. Always based on a menu including protein, starches, and vegetables.

But then, even pasta or potatoes is healthy? Yes, provided you choose them whole for the first ones and cook them al dente. Steamed for seconds and not pureed, they raise blood sugar less.

Remember that it is better to favor low GI starchy foods as well as low-calorie vegetables if you are trying to lose weight.
We make a list and stick to it by skipping the junk food shelves and the gondola heads that display the pleasure healthy diet for healthy body: cookies, spreads, or ice creams that will tempt us.

Follows the Basic list :

  • Chicken breast
  • Chopped steak
  • Turkey ham
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Salmon
  • Complete rice
  • Quinoa
  • Wholemeal pasta
  • Mushrooms
  • Zucchini
  • peppers
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Salad

What difficulties when trying to eat healthily?

When eating healthy becomes an obsession.

Wanting to eat healthy at all costs and having trouble having a social life is a sign that you are slipping. At this point, you must not fall into orthorexia, the obsession with eating healthy.

We control and measure everything, which is not normal because you have to be able to eat without being obsessed with food, fat, and sugar. You have to respect certain rules but without making a fix.

Excluding certain foods

Organic diet paleo or vegan are all healthy in principle, But it is more complicated to manage when you exclude a type of food.

Whether you’re difficult committed, or don’t like them, finding healthy foods according to your beliefs requires adaptations, especially if you exclude fish or vegetables.

It will be necessary to compose menus taking account and try to find the nutrients they provide elsewhere. Food variety is required in a balanced diet.

Lack of time

Yes, eating healthy requires a minimum of preparation and time to shop well, but no more than to eat badly and buy too much. Saying that we don’t have time and that it’s easier to buy a pizza or a hamburger is a bad excuse.

Even without being an expert, it is possible to eat well, without spending hours in the kitchen, by grilling your meat, fish, or vegetables in the oven or by preparing your portions in advance after having cooked the ingredients separately for several days. It has a name: batch cooking healthy diet for healthy body


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