Ways to Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs

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Ways to Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs

With the heat comes the unpleasant sensation of heavy legs, which, even if it primarily affects women, is not reserved for them. Who says heavy legs says the underlying problem of blood circulation.

Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs

The valves located along the veins no longer do their job of sluicing and no longer contract properly, preventing the normal functioning of the circulation. Or if the calf muscle is too weak, it no longer does its pump job…
The easiest way to avoid heavy legs is to practice regular physical activity “Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs”.

Heavy legs

Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs

Even worse sedentary or have to work standing up. Bodybuilders and cyclists also have circulatory problems that can lead to varicose veins, but neither cycling nor bodybuilding is directly involved.

It is due to excess estrogen, hormonal imbalances caused by anabolics, being overweight or genetic causes.

Visible veins do not mean varicose veins, and with a low percentage of fat and more open veins, the superficial veins show much more under the skin.

Contrary to venous insufficiency, exercise “Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs” has many advantages, including that activating blood circulation by promoting the “pump” phenomenon.

Cardio for leg circulation


The standing position promotes increased blood flow. If you work sitting down, it’s important to get up every half hour and walk around for a few minutes.

Walking engages all of the leg muscles and raises the heart rate enough to improve circulation. 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking every day is enough to boost both cardiovascular health and circulation.


Again, do not think that cycling is a cause of varicose veins and heavy legs, on the contrary, it is an exercise recommended to fight against it.

The pedaling movement with foot support on the pedal is an excellent blood circulation pumping movement that exerts pressure on the calf without the body weight which puts stress on the bones and joints, thus activating the blood flow. You can pedal indoors, but nothing beats the outdoors for motivation!

Try yoga

Yoga and deep breathing exercises stimulate circulation. It allows you to work the whole body, stretching and strengthening each muscle group. Poses performed with vertical legs reduce blood pressure on the leg veins.

Downward facing

The principle is to form an inverted V with your body. This posture stimulates circulation and reduces tension and back pain. Feet hip-width apart and hands on the floor shoulder-width apart as if you want to do push-ups.

Rock back, raising your buttocks toward the ceiling, palms flat on the floor. Keep your back straight to relax your neck and head. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat.

Feet on the wall

This pose is important because it promotes blood circulation in the lower limbs. Areas furthest from the heart have lower blood flow. Lie down on the ground, raise your legs, and bring your buttocks against the bottom of a wall.

Extend your Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs vertically along the wall and hold the position between 5 and 15 minutes. More experienced, you can stand on a candle or stand on your hands and head, always against a wall to relieve venous pressure.

Strength training to tone up and boost circulation

It helps to build muscles and stimulate blood circulation while refining the legs. Also, most veins are inside the muscles, and the muscle supports the vein walls and keeps them from expanding.


Farmer walk and step lunges are complex exercises that use more than one joint and recruit more muscle and fiber than isolation exercises.

Simply take a big step forward with your right foot and bend the knee at a 90-degree angle (knee not past the toes) while lowering the left leg toward the floor. Then change legs and repeat ten times.

Take a break and repeat 3 or 4 sets. This exercise increases blood flow and warms the muscles “Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs”. You can do it with or without weight.

The uphill race

Your run is already good, but try to run uphill. Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and slims the figure and legs. It is an intense running tactic that is used to develop both muscular endurance and power.

Go gradually. Warm up for running on flat ground for 15 minutes, then run uphill as fast as possible, go down, go back up as many times as possible, up to 12 times, then finish running flat the last 15 min, 3 times a week.

The step

The Step is a complex exercise that uses the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. Use a chair or bench. Raise one leg on the bench and the other, go back down and reverse starting with the other leg. Do 4-6 sets of 10-12 reps. And you can be trained to add dumbbells.


The back of your legs can make a difference visually and for the venous system. You can work the hamstrings using a fitness ball. Lie on your back and place your heels on the ball.

Raise your hips until your back is straight. Keep your back straight, bend your knees, and bring the ball back to your buttocks by contracting your hamstrings. Do 4-6 sets of 10-12 reps.


There is no risk of overload with empty squats with body weight. Place a stick on your neck and hold it with your arms going down, keeping your back straight and your thighs parallel to the ground, then quickly come back up. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.


This exercise is effective in warming up the legs and increasing circulation. In a squatting position at the start, legs bent at about 45 degrees, arms along the hips. You throw your arms up high and jump in place. Do 3 sets of 6 reps.


Standing with your feet hip-width apart, slowly come up on your tiptoes, keeping your back straight. Do 4 sets of 10 reps.

With these exercises, you will relieve heavy legs, improve venous circulation and shape your legs to maintain better venous return thanks to the muscle pump.

Hope this article “Transform heavy legs into ultra light legs” is providing you with good information on how to make attractive and light legs, if you have any questions then you can ask by commenting below.


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