Tips to Create shortcut for camera, whatsapp and flashlight through valume key

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By robb the singh

Tips to Create shortcut for camera, whatsapp and flashlight through valume key

There are billions of apps on the Google Play Store, but we only know about a select number that are the most popular or trending. Never attempt to utilise any of these apps that facilitate shortcutting activities. Perhaps when you use your smartphone, the volume button is used frequently throughout the day.

volume key shortcut

You could believe that the volume controls are limited to changing the sound’s loudness. The volume key can serve other purposes as well. You might be astonished now that I’m about to discuss an app that will completely alter how the volume button functions. If you want to learn more and utilise this app, continue reading. Let’s try to determine what the features are in detail.

how we can use for another purpose by the volume button?

Media, sound recording, torch, do not disturb, sound mode, vibration, quiet, Bluetooth, taskbar, and battery-saving modes are all available. All of them are programmed to operate when the volume button is tapped in the up or down direction.

Here is a quick way to convert the volume control to an action button. Your volume button becomes an action button thanks to this programme. First, check to see if your Android smartphone has this app.

  • Open the volume control.
  • When the get it button appears on the screen, tap it.
  • Select the action key to carry out your desired action on the volume button.
  • A minimum of two action buttons can be added.
  • The volume button will begin the performance.
  • This must be turned on! open the side menu, then choose. choose “Got it!”

The work that the Android developer undertakes is beneficial to the general public, yet they lack some user experience. Prior to typing, our colleague tested this app. This makes the software ideal for you. Your everyday routine is affected. It always means “your help”


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