Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

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By robb the singh

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

The muscles of men and women are different and, the exercises must be according to each sex.

Women have many facilities compared to men when defining their bodies. However, many do not have time to train.

In this article, we will explain the best exercises to tone the triceps at home, one of the biggest concerns in women.

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

To explain the importance of performing triceps exercises in the gym, whether for women or men, we have to say that it is a muscle made up of three parts.

Each of them boasts a different function. All of them grow in harmony to boost their arms. Also, you have to focus on stabilizing muscles, so betting on different weights and different positions and grips are essential.

The triceps is probably the part of the arms that worries women the most since it is here where fat tends to accumulate, which generates flabby arms.

The key to best triceps toning exercises for women is that a lower weight is used and a higher number of repetitions since women have a much greater resistance capacity than men.

1- Close Grip Bench Press

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

This exercise involves several muscles. Among them are the pectorals, which are the ones that develop the most when the usual bench press.
When instead of opting for the regular grip, we decided to close it, putting the hands closer together, the triceps taking center stage, the pectorals becoming antagonists.

You have to pay attention to the weight because the arms are the most involving part of the body, and we cannot force this area too much by lifting very high amounts.

The opening can be varied if at first, it costs us too much to carry out the exercise. In this way, one piece of advice is to close them little by little to gain strength gradually.

2- Dumbbell Triceps Bench Press

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

As in the previous exercise, the dumbbell triceps bench press engages the pectoral muscles like the triceps. In the case of betting on the neutral grip, it will be the arms that take on more work. The opposite would happen in the case of choosing the pronated grip.

Considering the above, we recommend keeping the dumbbells together until they collide when we reach the end of the route marked by the exercise.

Then the trick is to lower them and keep them together for the first few centimeters of descent. Next, it is necessary to move them away to return to the starting position. In this way, the dumbbells will end up as distant as our shoulders are.

3- Reverse beach tricep dips

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

Tricep dips are an exercise that is greatly in intensity. One of the reasons is that we use our own weight to carry it out.

It is easy to do, and you do not need to be in the gym to achieve the goal that we have set for ourselves. The reason is that only two chairs are needed for to level of effort.

One option is to rest the soles of your feet on the ground. If we want to increase the level, it will be enough to stretch our legs more. Another trick is also to raise them on another item, like a bench. Able to complete the route marked by this exercise supported by an object.

4- Triceps sidekick

Best triceps exercise for women in the gym

Many trainers assure that this exercise cannot be missing in any training. It is an effective movement for working the triceps.

Now keep in mind that for many people the triceps kick is complicated. However, if you keep tips in mind when doing exercise on body positioning. 

For example- you can quickly become familiar with this exercise. It will be possible to take advantage of all the advantages it offers.

It is done by standing position with two dumbbells and doing alternate movements of each arm. It requires a lot of practice.

Moreover, a required piece of advice in these cases is for someone to supervise us so that we do not change our position at any time since, being more tired over time, we tend to modify our body posture. It would have the consequence of damaging our backs.

5- Dumbbell Triceps Extension

With this simple exercise gain muscle mass in our triceps from home.

We will sit on a chair or bench and hold a dumbbell with both hands; We will place it on our head with our arms fully extended. The exercise consists of lowering our arms backward thanks to the flexion of the elbow, and stopping the movement before it touches our body.

The required thing in this exercise is not that we handle dumbbells with a lot of weight even if it is moderate, and we perform a lot of repetitions “Best triceps exercise for women”.


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