Best beginner bodybuilding program -workouts & Routines

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Best beginner bodybuilding program -workouts & Routines

Have you recently joined a gym? It’s a great resolution that you have taken, and we are therefore going to give you all the keys to developing your muscle mass and gaining strength without risking injury.

This bodybuilding program for beginners is designed to allow a solid foundation and effective sessions. how to organize your training, and which muscles to work

Best beginner bodybuilding program -workouts & Routines

Principles of strength training for beginners

When you start bodybuilding, it is essential to go gradually. With full motivation, many are those who charge too much or try to skip the steps. By adapting the training to your level all the basic movements.

This program is designed on basic or polyarticular exercises, the particularity of working a set of muscle groups and soliciting the stabilizing muscles “Best beginner bodybuilding program”,

It will be necessary to concentrate its efforts on the muscular mass before trying to draw itself.

Beginner Bodybuilding Program:

  • 100% strength training
  • Exercises: 75% core / 25% isolation
  • Moderate loads
  • Average rest time: about 2 min
  • Training duration: 50 min on average

What exercises when you start bodybuilding?

This 100% bodybuilding program is designed to allow you to acquire the basic movements, gain technique and avoid injuries. Thus, with a solid foundation, you will be able to perform the different movements and move on to a more advanced objective.

What muscles to work?

During this program, you will develop the upper body, but you will not forget the work of the lower body for a harmonious silhouette. It is why your week is divided up as follows:

Warming up before the session

When you are just starting, training is particularly important, to avoid injury, but also to get your muscles used to the effort, gently at the start of each session, so you will need to “Best beginner bodybuilding program”:

Do 5 minutes of cardio (bike or treadmill)

Do 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps for each exercise with low loads

Polyarticular core exercises: building your mass

For muscle development, it is important to master the basic exercises. Indeed, these movements are among the most complete.

Their execution requires the intervention of the stabilizing muscles to strengthen the whole body and improve posture daily.

These movements are called polyarticular exercises since they have the advantage of soliciting several large muscle groups. They should represent 75% of your training.

Isolation exercises for muscle definition

Isolation exercises are to be performed at the end of the session. These movements have the particularity of soliciting an isolated muscle.
By working on this type of exercise at the end of the session, you accentuate muscle contraction on the muscle and favor muscle definition.

How to manage the intensity of your beginner training?

There’s no need to charge a lot. Using moderate loads (50 to 70% of your maximum load) will be more than enough to allow you to perform the movements correctly.

Once you have acquired some experience, you can gradually increase the loads to gain strength and explosiveness. You will perform between 2 and 4 sets with about ten repetitions.

For exercises that target the abdominals, you can go up to 5 sets, trying to go to the maximum number of repetitions.

What frequency of training?

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym every day. A rest day out of 3 and 48 hours at the weekend will allow you to recover well and promote muscle gain.

We know that you are surely motivated! But be careful not to reproduce the common mistake of the beginner! Do you know that your muscles grow during rest and the night?

Respecting 1 day of rest during the week and 48 hours at the weekend is not a luxury if you want to gain volume and optimize your muscle recovery “Best beginner bodybuilding program”.

What is the training duration?

As said above, it is not the duration of the training that matters. Training for 2 hours will not bring you more results.

The beginner bodybuilding program is designed for sessions of approximately 50 minutes, including warming up. During this time, you will optimize the production of the hormone testosterone. Beyond that, the rate drops, and the sessions will be less productive.

How long to achieve my goals?

As you are just starting, this program is designed generically. It, therefore, does not require any particular adaptation, unlike more specific programs.

To fully understand the basics and acquire solid knowledge, whether, in terms of training or simply the reactions of your body and your metabolism, it is advisable to follow this same program for 4 to 5 months before moving on to a more objective.

Beginner bodybuilding program

  • Goal: Beginner muscle development
  • Duration: 4 weeks to 5 months maximum
  • Supplements: beginner mass gain program/beginner lean muscle gain program

Session 1

Exercises ——Number of sets

  • Bench press—-4 x 15-10-10-10 (degressive)
  • Incline Press— 3 x 10
  • Screw-to-screw pulley—-3 x 12
  • Guided Frame Development—-3 x 10
  • Chin row—-2 x 10
  • Crunch—-5x max
  • Twisted crunches—-3 x max

Session 2

  • Vertical front pull—–4 x 15-10-10-10 (decreasing)
  • Neck pull —-3 x 10
  • Seated Row—–3 x 10
  • Lateral raises—-3 x 10
  • Bird—–2×10

Session 3:

  • Squats—4×12
  • Press—3 x 10
  • Leg deadlift
  • stretched(empty bar)—-3 x 10
  • Standing press (calves)—-4 x 15

Session 4

  • Curl bar EZ—-4 x 10
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls—–3 x 10
  • Front bar extension—4 x 10
  • Dips between 2 benches—–3 x max
  • of legs on the bench——5 x max

What supplements for beginner muscle gain?

Among the food supplements, only a few are essential when you start a physical activity, such as the practice of bodybuilding for example. Protein is the essential macronutrient for you to gain muscle.

Protein powder supplements to promote muscle growth

They are generally used as a snack and as a post-workout intake. To build muscle effectively, you must first ensure that you provide enough calories. It requires a dose of 1.5 to 1.8g of protein per kilo of body weight per day.

Our nutritional advice to your morphology 3 different morphotypes will define your profile, and choose the right food supplements to achieve your goal:


With its fast metabolism and high energy expenditure, the ectomorph physique has time to gain weight. It is characterized by thin bones and low muscle mass. By working efficiently and providing enough fuel (nutrients) to the body, he can develop athletic muscles.


Unlike the ectomorph, the rather slow metabolism of the endomorph facilitates fat gain.

In this case, it will be necessary to make respecting a good diet rich in protein with a controlled intake of carbohydrates and lipids.


Of the 3, it is the most naturally muscular physique. With his thicker frame and energetic nature, he is most likely to develop an imposing build quickly and gain strength. A balanced diet will be necessary to limit fat intake.


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