5 Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India 2021

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5 Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India 2021

We all must have read from our teachers in childhood, three things are very much needed to survive in life, food, water, and air. But looking at today’s situation, we must put the word “Clean” in front of them.

5 Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India

Today the air quality has become worst in many cities of India, if we take Delhi only, then today the condition has become such that we do not even need to measure the air index there.

Today people are compelled to make their arrangements to keep themselves healthy, in such a situation, the use of air purifiers has increased a lot.

So in this article, you will find the 5 Best Affordable air purifier available for home and how they work. We will cover it all.

What is the best air purifier in India?

As the name suggests, it provides clean air by filtering out harmful substances, carbon, and bacteria present in the air.

5 best air purifier available for home in india

1 - Philips Air Purifier AC 2887

Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India

Key Factor

  • .CADR – 333 m 3 / hr
  • Coverage – 409 sq ft
  • Weight – 7. 7 kg
  • Noise level – 51 dB
  • remove 0. 2 microns Pm 99. 97% airborne pollutants
  • Available LED PM 2. 5 indicator
  • Filter – H 12 Hypa Filter
  • Filter – 6 to 8 months
  • Replacement Filter Cost – 3000 rs
  • Recommended Dimension: 269-409 sq ft.
  • Warranty – 2 years

This air purifier has a healthy air protect alert indicator, which will indicate to replace the filter if the air filter is defective. This will give you the flexibility to change the air filter and get healthier air.

This air purifier has the function of silent mode, which reduces the fan speed and noise level. So while sleeping at night, you can sleep comfortably by turning on this mode.

In this air purifier, you can increase the speed of the air by turning on the bacteria and virus mode and due to which the HEPA filter installed in it removes 99.9% of the bacteria present in the air. and removes up to 99.9% and gives you clean air.

Fine particles that are smaller than PM2.5, the AeraSense sensor accurately detects fine particles and processes this information, and indicates to change the settings.


  • low noise level
  • Bacteria & Virus Mode
  • Detect PM 2.5


  • CADR – Misleading
  • H 12 low effective Filter 
  • Low features

2- Mi Air Purifier

mi air purifier Best Affordable air purifier

Key Factor

  • CADR- 380 m3/hr
  • cover Dimancian – 484 sq ft
  • weight – 4.8 Kg
  • Noise level – 64 DB
  • remove 0.3 microns PM 99.97% airborne pollution
  • operate by google assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Mejor temperature and humidity OLED display using an app
  • Smart App control
  • Filter – Hepa H13
  • Replacement Cost- 2500
  • Filter Life – 7 to 8 months
  • warranty – 1 year

This air purifier provides you with clean air with a 360 air intake process H 12 HEPA filter, I find its CADR misleading.


  • Control Using App
  • 360 Degree Air intake


  • CADR misleading because clean only 300 sqft
  • Small Display
  • Not applicable for high AQL
  • Stuffy Noice
  • not good for asthma patients

3- Coway air mega 150

Key Factor

  • CADR- 303 m3/hr
  • cover Dimancian- 355 sq ft
  • weight – 5.5kg
  • replacement filter life – 1 Year
  • remove 0.1 microns PM 99.97% airborne pollutants
  • noise level – 49 DB
  • filter replacement indicator
  • filter – H13 
  • replacement cost- 3000
  • washable pre-filter and carbon filter
  • warranty – 1 year, 5 years for motor

This air purifier is such a company that exports the Hepa filter to the rest of the company, so the Hepa filter is mounted in their air purifier.

This company pays special attention to the superior quality and design of air purifiers. The HEPA filter provides clean air by removing up to 99.97 viruses and bacteria present in the air.

The washable pre-filter inside extends the life of the HEPA filter, as it blocks large particles in the air before they reach the HEPA filter.

If the HEPA filter is defective, the indicator in it gives you the instructions to replace the filter.

Automatically adjust the fan speed by measuring the AQI by auto mode, which can save your electricity too.

The carbon filter extends the life of the filter by separating the particles from the original filter by vacuum. This process continues for 2 to 3 months.


  • minimalist Design
  • low noise level
  • washable pre-filter


  • no Smart app 
  • not AQI reading

4- Sharp Air Purifier FP - F 40 E W

Sharp Air Purifier Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India

Key Factor

  • CADR 240 m3/hr
  • cover Dimension – 320 SQ ft
  • weight – 4.7 kg
  • Filter life- 2 years
  • Noice level- 80 Db
  • remove 99.97% of Airbourne pollutants small as 0.1 microns
  • Filter – HEPA 14
  • Replacement Cost – 4000
  • carbon filter 
  • dust & Odour Sencer
  • Filter life – 1 – 2 years
  • Warranty – 1 year

This purifier is a very underrated air purifier, so not many people know about it. And if understood carefully, it is a very cost-effective Best air purifier available for home in India.

Plasmacluster technology is used in this air purifier, in which molecules of hydrogen and oxygen are released into the air, which neutralizes the pathogen. It has more advantages.

  • 99.9% Bacteria Deactivated
  • 99.9% mold remove
  • 99.9% allergens removal
  • skin notifications


  • Hepa H 14 filter
  • Plasmacluster tecnology
  • cheap and best


  • noise problem – 80db 
  • No AQI indicator

5 - Dyson pure cool air purifer Tp 04

dyson Best Affordable air purifier available for home in India

Key Factor

  • CADR – N/A
  • coverage – 400 SQ ft
  • weight – 6.6 kg
  • noise level – 64DB
  • remove 99.95% Airbourne pollutants small as 0.1 microns
  • filter – vacuum-sealed Hepa H13 Filter pleated 200 times
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Replacement cost – 2400
  • filter life – 10 month
  • monitoring AQI through Dyson app
  • 360-degree air intake
  • warranty- 2 years

This purifier has a function that detects the particles and harmful gases present in the air and diagnoses them and shows real-time reports.

It is a return air purifier with a vacuum-sealed HEPA H 13 filter, which captures 99.95% of micropollutants and 0.1 micron PM.

Only Dyson’s air purifiers use air multiplier technology, allowing clean airflow to the air intake at 360 degrees.

You can also use this air purifier in cold weather as it has a built-in heater that provides you with dry air.

It is also easy to control because you can install the Dyson app on your phone, operate it in any mode, and get real-time readings like AQI, filter indicator, etc.


  • Built-in Heater
  • Fast cleaning 
  • Alexa support
  • Stylish
  • 360-degree air intake


  • overpriced

Type of best air Purifier in India

Hepa Filter purifier – Today many air purifiers in the market are with Hepa filter, this is similar to doing Pranayama. Hepa Filtered Purifiers prevent particles larger than 3 micrometers from leaving.

Ionize Filter – This filter works like a charge as if we rub the comb on the head, it gets charged, and if we take it near the papers, they get stuck on them because plus and minus were attracted to each other due to charge.

That’s how the ionizing filter works as well. the PM is charged, and the PM is pulled by applying a plate of opposite charge. And through this process, we get clean air.

UV Filter – Many purifiers eliminate PM from ultraviolet rays.

How does it work?

Trees are natural purifiers because they absorb CO2 and release O2. But today no one can keep plants or trees, and even if they do, they do not have time to take care of them.

But air purifiers do not work like this, they act as a filter, meaning they prevent the arrival of PM (particulate matter).

PM – A Particulate matter is a solid particle, which dissolves in the moisture present in the air. It is of two ways.

  1. PM 2.5 – Particles whose diameter is 2.5 micrometers.
  2. PM 10 – Particle whose diameter is 10 micrometers.

This particulate matter is small too much that it damages them by going into the lungs and causing more damage if it gets mixed in the blood.

Air purifiers filter these PMs from the air and provide us with clean air.

When do we need an best air purifier in India?

  1. If the traffic density in your area is high, then the amount of CO 2 in the air will be high, so you will need an air purifier.
  2. If there is more smog in your area then you will need an air purifier.
  3. Anyone suffering from asthma patient in your family
  4. If Someone suffering from a cold and flu in your family
  5. If you have pets in your family
  6. Check the air quality index of the area in which you live.
  • the index is more than 100 then it is harmful.
  • Less than 100 is acceptable.

how to choose the best air purifier in India

  1. Before buying, check the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) value, which will give you an idea of ​​the capacity of the air purifier that will cover how much room size.
  2. Do not pay extra money for air purifiers with more features.
  3. Buy air purifiers with H 13 and H 14 Hypa filters only.
  4. Check the noise level.
  5. Be sure to check the cost of the replacement filter.
  6. Do not take a purifier with an activated carbon filter, because its life is only 1 month.
  7. Buy only air purifiers with a Hypa filter.

5 best air purifier company in India

5 best air purifier company in India


In this article, I have explained the best air purifiers to you to a great extent, out of which 4 purifiers are such that you can also afford them for less money.

Looking at your family’s health and budget, you can take whatever you like in all these Best air purifier available for home. In my opinion, I would prefer Sharp, Cowey air purifiers because both are cost-effective which are providing more good features in less money.

Dyson air purifier is the best air purifier but costly, still if you like that features then go for it.
I hope you liked this article, if you have any doubt then you can post a comment.

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