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Anti aging face cream recipes


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You can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines by making them a part of your daily face care routine.


you can make anti-aging cream for yourself at home, and I will tell you different methods of making face cream from these ingredients.



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Recipe Facts: Benefits

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01 effective in reducing psoriasis, eczema, and any other kind of scars.

02 contains the most antioxidants

03 anti-inflammatory properties

Prep Time: 20 Min

1. Almond oil2 2- coconut oil 3-Tablespoons Bee Wax 4-Tablespoons vitamin E oil 5- Shea butter 6- Drops any aroma oil 7- Flex seeds(5 to 10gram) 8- Aloe vera gel 9- vaseline 10- glycerin 11- Vitamin E(1 capsule)

Cook Time: 20 Min


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1. 1 almond oil 2. 2 tbsp coconut oil 3. 2 tablespoons Bee Wax 4. 6 tablespoons vitamin E oil 5. 1 tbsp shea butter 6. 10 drops any aroma oil (optional)

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Mix all the oils in a glass jar. Now melt the Bee Wax and Shea Butter  by placing them in a double boiler. Now mix it with oil in a jar and mix it well and leave it to settle.

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How to make


we put flaxseed in a pan and boil it on low flame for 10 minutes. Collect it in a jar

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Recipe- 3

we will use 1 teaspoon glycerin, Vitamin E(1 capsule) in 1 bowl, and second, we will use 1 tsp virgin coconut oil + olive oil.

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You should use it within three days, and it becomes thick after a longer time.

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