7 Home remedies remove scars naturally from face permanently

Remove Scars

This infection can reach the dermis (the other surface of the skin) and can damage healthy skin cells.

Type of acne scars -Ice-pick scars - Rolling Scars - Boxcar scars - Atrophic Scars - Hypertrophic scars


Orange peels

A spoonful of orange peel powder with a spoonful of honey Make a paste  Now apply this paste to the pimple stain.

How to use

You can leave it on every single day.


Coconut oil and camphor

Add camphor into coconut oil Apply it at night and leave it on overnight. Then wash with water in the morning.


Besan and rosewater

one spoon besan with rosewater or lemon juice Now apply this paste to your face, neck, and acne scars.


Tea tree oil

three to four drops of tea tree oil with one teaspoon coconut oil. apply it an hour or two before taking a bath in the morning.


Apple vinegar and honey

a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with two spoons of honey. Now apply this mixture to your face and acne scars with the help of cotton.


Almond Oil

Before sleeping at night, take some almond oil in your hand and apply it to your face. Leave it on overnight. Wash face the next day.


Rock Salt

Prepare a thick paste by mixing half a cup of rock salt with some water. Now apply this mixture to your face and neck and massage it for a while.


– Wash your face at least twice every day. – Remove your makeup before sleeping.