Tips to avoid sugar addiction for weight loss

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Tips to avoid sugar addiction for weight loss

Sugar addiction is similar to alcohol, which is a substance with high addictive potential. Sugar is used in a wide variety of foods and sometimes leads to millions of people consuming sugary foods without realizing it. Excessive sugar consumption leads us to real addiction that is sometimes difficult to get rid of: So the tips mentioned in this article will help you to end the sugar addiction for weight loss.

Tips to avoid sugar addiction for weight loss
  1. Risks of developing sugar addiction
  2. Free yourself from sugar with 7 tips.
  • Recognize the hidden signs of addiction
  • identify foods
  • avoid refined sugar
  • treatment of psychological causes
  • consider natural methods
  • consult a dietitian
  • Using Homeopathy for Sugar Cravings

Risks of developing sugar addiction

  • Excessive consumption of sugar through fruits, sugar syrup, or cake creates an imbalance in your body.
  • This consumption of sugar promotes obesity, which easily leads to diseases like obesity or diabetes.
  • Excessive sugar also affects the brain, affecting memory and learning ability.
  • Sugar is not converted into energy, so it turns into fat which leads to cardiovascular risks and weight gain.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging can appear on the skin by added sugar.
  • Sugar in small amounts lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels but consuming large amounts develops stress.
  • The biggest problem is that sugar is used in every food item which makes it difficult to avoid. In certain situations (sad, tired, festive moments, etc.) you are encouraged to gravitate towards sweet foods.

It is necessary to go little by little, and above all do not feel guilty if you face difficulties during your weaning process.

So recognize your sugar addiction, so follow these tips to get rid of the sugar.

Tip 1: Recognize the hidden signs

To cure sugar addiction necessary to be aware by identifying the signs.

Tooth Decay

Sugar favors the acid produced by the bacteria responsible for the destruction of tooth enamel.

Weight gain

Excessive sugar consumption promotes weight gain and obesity. Find with high blood sugar and excess fat stored in the thighs and abdomen. In some places, excess fat is the result of average sugar consumption.

Dietary deficiencies and diseases

Sugar addiction would indicate diabetes or dietary deficiencies. Pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, endometrial cancer, or heart diseases may also be responsible.

High appetite

They are always hungry even after taking the proper amount of food two to three times a day. The reason for this is the consumption of excessive sugar.

Skin problems

Consumption of sugar is avoided in case of skin problems as it is an unheard enemy of the skin.

Consuming more sugar raises the glycemic index and can increase insulin levels. Androgen hormone levels are increased.

Unexplained fatigue

Eating sugar leads to an instant increase in energy and a quick drop. And the sugar addiction stimulation blocks the action of brain hormones.

Tip 2: Identify foods

Certain salty foods can sometimes be to blame for your sugar addiction. It is essential to know the food item to reduce the consumption of sugar naturally and easily.

  • Foods that weaken the liver like white bread (flour), alcohol, etc.
  • Foods such as cheese, vinegar, and salt contain sugar flakes or added sugar in caffeinated drinks to compensate.

Tip 3: Avoid refined sugar

Refined sugar is considered a staple in the food industry. Therefore it can be found everywhere: such as chocolate, soda, sweets, cakes, pasta, sauces, etc.

  • Skip ultra-processed foods: These foods have high sugar levels.
  • Don’t take “no-added sugar” foods lightly; check for a sweetener (such as aspartame) that can promote the onset of diabetes and unbalance your gut balance.
  • Eat whole grains like whole grains.
  • Go for refined sugar substitutes: honey, maple syrup, and whole cane sugar.

Tip 4: Treat the psychological cause

It is necessary to identify the cause and treat to get rid of sugar addiction.
You love to eat too many sugary sweets, and even worse, you feel the need to eat chocolate after work.
The psychologist will first examine whether these food compulsions are associated with other psychiatric disorders.

She will establish a therapy to help prevent situations and contexts that trigger sweet food compulsions. Psychologists will analyze your daily life and relationships to understand the root causes of stress.

Tip 5: Acupuncture

Acupuncture is often praised for ending sugar addiction.
Each person seeks alternative treatments according to their needs, so acupuncture may not solve the real sugar addiction.
It is a very effective technique apart from monitoring. Acupuncture has a key role to play in helping you move forward in this fight against sugar addiction.

Tip 6: Consult a dietitian

If you are trying to reduce sugar consumption, then need to change your eating habits or lifestyle. If you are not able to control it despite all your efforts, then you can consult a dietician who can help to assess the food intake.

  • Adopting a diet recommended by a dietitian will help you work around your feelings and frustrations. And can easily reduce the consumption of sugar.
  • Many people make the mistake of starting a rigid diet or depriving themselves of food to lose weight or reduce sugar consumption.
  • Depriving yourself of food, sugar, or eating less may not be effective in losing weight but may have the opposite effect.

Tip 7: Use Homeopathy

Always consult your doctor before consuming any treatment. Some homeopathic products are meant to suppress sugar cravings:

Argentum Nitricum: Argentum Nitricum helps in suppressing sugar cravings. It is a homeopathic remedy based on silver nitrate.

Eugenia Jambolana 4 CH: This homeopathic remedy is used on people who have high blood sugar levels (diabetes). Eugenia jambolana contains galactose, lactose sucrose and fructose. It helps in getting rid of sugar cravings.

If everyone agrees that sugar is not good for our health, many studies limit at least 20% of people exceeding their daily sugar intake to 100 grams per day.
For some experts- our sugar consumption should not exceed 5% of our daily calories.

To avoid health problems, limit the risk of this food addiction, and get rid of sugar early. Tips and techniques such as identification of signs, treatment of causes, preference for natural sugars, natural methods, etc. can help in overcoming sugar addiction.


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