How to unblock WhatsApp number on WhatsApp?

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How to unblock WhatsApp number on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. WhatsApp continues to provide new features for the benefit of its users. WhatsApp is used by all Android users. You must also be a WhatsApp user. Your buddy or lover has banned you on WhatsApp several times, and you want to unblock yourself? So, in this post, we will inform you about an App that will allow you to simply unblock yourself.

Many times, our friends block us on WhatsApp for various reasons, and we become really unhappy since we do not receive any updates from them. However, you may unblock yourself from your friend’s WhatsApp account.

Its procedure is pretty simple; you can complete this task in a matter of minutes, even without assistance.

How to unblock yourself On WhatsApp?

1st Step:

First, navigate to your WhatsApp settings and choose the account. After that, choose Delete my account.

2nd Step:

You will then be prompted for your WhatsApp number, which you should provide before deleting your WhatsApp account. After removing the account, you must remove WhatsApp from your phone.

3rd Step:

Reboot or restart your phone, then go to the Play Store and reinstall WhatsApp. Now input your phone number and create a new WhatsApp account.

4 Steps:

Once your account is created, your friend’s WhatsApp will unblock you. If you have all of your WhatsApp contacts on your phone, they will all return to your friend list.

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