Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

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Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

we are doing amazing research on running challenge for beginners, who wants to start running cover all problems with solutions.
we know that everyone wants to get fit and flexible in their lifestyle
if beginner follow these tips for running when they want to get started
when they could easily build a new technique
so get ready and enjoy every step…

Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

These are the real challenges for the beginner who face in the initial stage
We will discuss all topic one by one in this blog, and trying to explain how to overcome these challenges
so let’s get started..

1. Initial stage

In the initial days, when we have decided that we have to run, the first problem comes in making habits, it is also the biggest challenge because, after a few days, you persist in yourself but slowly change your habit, Why..?


1- Problem getting up early in the morning

2- Demotivation 

3- The body feels heavy and lethargic  

1.1- Problem getting up early in the morning

Running challenge for beginners

if you want to reduce your weight, you know that running is best option for you, so if you want to inspire yourself to run for making healthy and productive, You have to understand it well, It will help you to become a good habit

Explain here are some benefits of running early. 

  • Trigger your mental and physical stimulation
  • Reduce cardiovascular disease
  • Improve your metabolism 
  • Reduce your joint problem
  • Help to improved sleep

1.2- Causes of Demotivation

Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

so these are the causes of demotivation
All beginners have to go through this stage because by coming out of this stage when becoming a good runner then they can also go from demotivation to Motivation.
Why this happens, what is the reason, you just have to find it and as soon as you know about all these, you will also get your solutions.

1.3- The body feels heavy and lethargic

Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

Whatever I did with my research and what I understood, I will express myself in front of you and will also give you a reference.
Let us discuss what is the reason behind this

  • Lake of Blood cells
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Insulin deficiency
  • Depression
  • Sleeping disorder 
  • Unbalanced Lactic acid

so trying to explain all the reason why you are getting tired after running if you have a solution you can overcome this problem

2- Stamina

Stamina play like a catalyst for running and we need to work on it. It is often the most challenging problem because the beginner suffers in the beginning stage and that’s why runners give up in the initial days is because they do not know how to improve the stamina and it happens due to some wrong guidance, in the beginning
We will discuss this here, how to improve it, and what is the reason for it.
Maybe all of you beginner will get a lot of benefit from it mentally and physically, so let’s discuss

Running challenge for beginners| running tips for beginners 2021

In the beginning, days when you decide tomorrow, you are going to start running and your intention is clear, the next day when you go outside for a running without planning
While running after you going start panting, you feel everything hurt and feel dying
It’s happening because you don’t know it’s not possible on the first day, you have to build your habit day by day
nowhere is we are discussing how to improve it precisely in the routine first things we have to know, You will not get success in a single day, it will take a few weeks.

Running challenge for beginners

if you follow all these instructions then you can improve your stamina easily
I think this point will help you

3-Running Technique

Till now you know about challenges, problem, and solutions
we know that if we follow all the instructions but one important thing is missing that is our running technique
Below we are giving you some advice for improving your running technique, skill, and performance with lower risk

1- Proper warm-up
2- Starting with jogging
3- Run in the park, ground and used treadmill
4- Use your forefoot strike and avoid to strike your heel
5- Put your posture straight
6- No need to bounce
7- Do some exercise after running

Running challenge for beginners

The above diagram will help you a lot if you are a beginner and you do not know much about running
we hope you will use this information well

4-Body Disorder

In this part discuss the running injury, and injury are running challenge for beginners, when we are suffering from body disorder it happens because we are using the wrong method of running or exercise and some disorder are natural for the beginners

Running challenge for beginners

now we explain the body disorder during running, and the solutions below showing the trigger points of the body

Running challenge for beginners

we hope this information will help all the beginners who think about
the running
if you follow this advice and making few plans with precautions you can improve your running and avoid injury

5- Avoid Procrastination

Why do we start procrastination even after all the things are good?
simple, many things spoil our routine, and these are important things that we should pay attention to because if we start doing it even after we are all right
it spoils all our hard work it starts happening so let’s discuss solutions

1- Clear your reason, why you doing this?

2- Make your own goal, and try to achieve your goal

3- planning for every single day

4- Running injury- if you suffer from an injury try to ignore it because this is the main reason for procrastination, some injury or soreness of your muscle common after running, and you have to accept these things 

5- Try to explore a new place with running, and this is an easy way to keep your motivation up for a run, and I think this is a better solution for beginners

6- Elected your right partner who runs with you, this will keep you away from procreation to a large extent, because when you think of skipping, then you do not lose because of your partner. But take care of one thing, choose your partner carefully

7- Make your scorecard

8- progress slowly, don’t be in a hurry because of this, why many beginners stop running.

9- set your alarm clock

10- Try to get up early in the morning

11- Read motivational stories and quotes, it helps you 

12- Make it as easy as possible to get started

13- Reward yourself when you achieve a goal before your deadline

14- Talk to yourself every morning in the right manner

15- Best way to use social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, etc..) but how?
to update your picture, video, and results

Above all the pieces of information will help you to avoid the procrastination

Bonus Tips

1- Use treadmill

In bonus tips for running challenge for beginners, we are talking about the tools that help you to run for all beginners, and these tools will help you to stay inspired

The treadmill and exercise cycle will help you to evaluate your running ability, and it’s able to help make your scorecard, and you have flexible time or place for running

2- Running apps

Running challenge for beginners

you know today’s world is digital if you don’t have a treadmill, it’s ok you can use the apps and evaluate your performance
today apps are in advance this time and giving additional facility

3- Listen to Music

Music leaves both good and bad effects on you, certain types of music that can improve your performance and excitement for running and help you to concentrate yourself

4- Reads story

If you want more improvement, and be better yourself then you will get this inspiration from the story, try to read a story about runners, join groups in social media like Facebook or Instagram, see videos, and listening podcast

5- Using gears

if you want to watch yourself like professionals will help you to evaluate your feet and recommended the right shoes, a comfortable pair of shoes protected from injury and the other things like resistance socks, ankle socks

Finally, remember that you are a runner, not a beginner don’t think about how much time you put in
so put your foot in front of the other and always think you are a runner

What do you think after reading this blog, will it help you or not?
Have you faced other Running challenge for beginners that are not discussed here?
please tell us…….

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