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is 7 day weight loss safe or not -


is 7 day weight loss safe | 3 tips to lose weight

We have to follow many procedures to stop the weight gain, but in this process, not everyone gets the benefit, and few people do not get good results.

Some people are obsessed with losing weight quickly, and because of this, many people face illness, fatigue, weakness while following the procedure, or else they face body disorder, so unfortunately 7 day weight loss is not safe for few peoples in new research.

3 weight loss tips lose in 7 days in Hindi

Today too much information accessible on the internet, and too many ways to lose weight procedures are available, and many people do not know how it works.

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

is 7 day weight loss safe is most trending today

But the problem is that there is a lot of information on every website, and you have taken all this information, but whose information will benefit you, that point you will be confused.

But we will explain you how you can follow 7 days weight loss procedure 7 day weight loss safe

It’s simple to complete 7 days weight loss challenge  with exercise but not easy, But it will be easier if you understand the only 3 points  given below. and you can follow 7 day weight loss safe.

  1. Need to understand[ calories deficit]
  2. Choose your best diet plan
  3. Burn calories with Effective exercises

So let’s understand this one by one…

1-Need to understand[ calories deficit ] is 7 day weight loss safe

Although calorie deficit depends on your in and out calories in your body,
That means how many calories you burn in 1 day and how much calories lie back in

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

This diagram will better explanation of calorie deficit hope you understand it very well

Now a question arises here, what does this calorie deficit have to do with weight loss?
The answer is clear you can understand how many calories you need to make a better diet plan and exercise.

We need to understand the parameters how to reduce 1 kg of weight in a week

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

This diagram showed you how much and how we will have to lose weight in 7 days

Even after understanding this fact, we get confused and follow our routine wrongly and start making mistakes due to which we do not get the result we want

Suspects Do not commit mistakes, so you have to understand we will target only 1000 calories per day because if we manage this calorie deficit then we will able to achieve the target of 7700 calories in 7 days


complete 7 days weight loss challenge


complete 7 days weight loss challenge

In both these diagrams, we have tried to explain to you with the help of a graph how you can manage your calorie deficit without exercise and exercise.

at the moment we will explain to you both digram one by one

Digram-1 explanation

1- y-axis showing Burned calories

2- BMR = Body, Mass Ratio

  • Burned calories with normal activity = 1800
  • Consume calories = 800

Calories Deficit = burned calories – consume calories [ 1800 – 800]

Result = 1000 

The final result showing in the Digram 

I want to tell you something about the following procedure 

The result is showing good but no one not going to apply in daily routine because This is good to understand but wrong for weight loss, 

Why is it wrong?

Let’s discuss it this conclusion.



1- Another thing 1800 calories not possible to burn with normal routine or activity

2- 800 calories not sufficient for man or women 

      2.1 – Man should not eat less than 1600 calories a day 

      2.2 – women should not eat less than 1200 calories a day

3- when man and women consume fewer calories (1600, 1200) Because of this, they have to face a lot of problems

  3.1 – Fatigue

  3.2 – low of nutrition 

  3.3 – Headaches

  3.4 – Constipation

  3.5 – Muscle Loss

A lot’s of issues happened 

NoteDo not try diagram-1 in the routine, It was our only objective to convince you

Digram-2 explanation

1- y-axis showing Burned calories

2- BMR = Body, Mass Ratio

  • Burned calories with normal activity = 2600
  • Consume calories = 1600

Calories Deficit = burned calories – consume calories [ 2600 – 1600]

Result = 1000 

The result showing good and everyone can also apply in daily routine and activity with exercise 

why it’s helpful for us to let’s discuss the conclusion


1- We have to burn 2600 calories per day with exercise

2- We have to consume only 1800 daily in our diet

Note- This safe and secure method to lose weight easily 1 kg per day


Bonus Tips 

Using all gears will help you lose weight more, and you will also address your overall performance

1- Use calorimeter Watch 

2- weighing machine

3- Bicycle

2- 7 day weight loss safe Diet Plan

we learned about what is a calorie deficit and also had a good discussion about it,
now that we have learned how it works.
Now we know that we have to maintain our diet of around 1600 calories, how, we will discuss all in this part.

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

This picture will give you a good idea of what to eat to lose weight

first divided into two-part 

1- Avoid food for weight loss

  • These foods contain high calories
  • too much sugar contained in this food and sugar is a source good source for weight gain
  • seeds oil contain fat 
  • Alcohol like beer gives high calories( show in digram)
  • Two slices of pizza(junk food) contain 400 calories

so that’s the reason we have placed them in this category 

2- Food for weight loss

  • contain low calories
  • coconut oil has a fat-burning property
  • whey protein promotes muscle growth
  • egg-based breakfasts reduce hunger and promote feelings of fullness for several hours in overweight
  • coffee great source of caffeine that increases metabolic rate by an impressive 3–13% of lean adults burned an average of 150 extra calories 

After viewing the food chart, now we need to know how to make a diet plan for 1600 calories
we are going to show some diet scenarios so that you can make your diet plan too

complete 7 days weight loss challenge
complete 7 days weight loss challenge

The above diagram shows you a scenario of a 1600 calories diet plan for seven days, Now it depends on you how to make your diet plan by looking at this diet chart.

we are showing some calories chart for vegetable, fruits, and foods that will help you to make your chart easily

complete 7 days weight loss challenge
complete 7 days weight loss challenge

By looking at this chart, you can make your diet plan well

3- 7 day weight loss for safe calories burn with Effective exercises

It’s relevant to choose the right exercise because if we do not know this, then we will never be able to complete our challenge of 2600 calories
So in this section, I will express to you about exercise and how many calories it can burn.
Try to understand this part well

Productive exercise to burn calories

3.1. (HIIT exercise) is 7 day weight loss safe or not

complete 7 days weight loss challenge
HIIT is known as High-Intensity Interval Training, it’s a short quick exercise where we work out at a face and relax for 15 seconds, which makes our blood pressure communication faster, and tone the muscle 
Time Slot – 30 minute

Burned Calories –  300 – 500 Calories

HIIT Exercise is a remarkable way to burn a maximum amount of fat in a short time. 

3.1.1-Warm up

warm up exercise for lose 1 kg weight in seven days

3.1.2- Various Types of HIIT Exercises

we are showing hear HIIT Exercise Which will give you the idea of HIIT exercise

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

if you need a detailed explanation from these workouts follow this link

3.2- Swimming| is 7 day weight loss safe or not

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

If you are a swimmer, swimming is the most effective way to burn calories around 700 to 1000 calories in one hour, and you can take more health benefits using various swimming strokes. 

Time-Duration – 60 min

Calories Burned – 800 to 1000 


3.3- Bicycling

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

The smartest path to burn calories, due to this you can lose maximum weight by cycling,
Whichever city you live in, you can buy it from the stationery shop and keep it in your house and use it anytime.

Duration: 60 mins

Calories  Burned: 850 calories (8 mph)

3.4- Running | is 7 day weight loss safe or not

burn 1600 calories from running

 Running has always been considered the best exercise for weight loss as it gives us an advantage for warm-up, stress-free, and blood circulation too

By running, we can burn as many calories, if you think about the challenges of running 

By the way, we do face some challenges for running, but once we started, we also get a lot of benefits from it, so this is my own opinion that we should all run 

Duration: 60 mins

Calories  Burned: 500-700 calories

3.5- Dancing

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

you get lazy in doing the above workout then you can choose this option for yourself because almost everyone likes to dance and watch it, so if you like to enjoy dance then you can lose more weight than Can burn more calories

you can choose various kinds of dance moves like Zumba, Tango, etc.

Duration: 60 mins


Calories Burned: 350-650 calories

3.6- Climbing Stairs| lose weight in 7days with exercise

burn 1600 calories from Climbing stairs

This method is different from the rest, and if you don’t want to do the above exercise, then you can do it easily
Climbing will also help you in weight loss as well as all exercise and calorie burn will also burn well.

Duration: 30 mins

Calories You Will Burn: 700 calories 

3.7- Yoga and Praṇayama

complete 7 days weight loss challenge

Yoga and Pranayam is the most popular and advanced method among people today so that you can lose weight while staying healthy and also bring flexibility to the body with yoga  

There are many ways to do this and different forms, By doing this, your muscle works well, we cannot explain all exercise here because it’s a large topic, it will require a separate blog further.


Duration: 60 mins

Calories You Will Burn: 700-900 calories 

4-Combination of Exercise to burn 2600 Calories

exercise chart for lose 1 kg weight in seven days

we are trying to giving some explanation about how you can burn your 2600 calories per day because we know that it’s not an easy task hence we divided it into two segments (morning and evening) thus that you can burn calories easily

 I think it will help you a lot to burn 2600 calories and so many different ways to combine these exercises to burn calories in a week, and it’s up to you. it requires your commitment, discipline, dedication, and determination.

5-Bonus Tips

For your information, if you do not use gear or do not want to, how will you calculate your calories?
According to my research, you can calculate your calories from your MET index.

MET is a ratio of your working metabolic rate relative to your resting metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the rate of energy expended per unit of time.

Formula to use is: METs x 3.5 x (your body weight in kg) / 200 = calories burned per minute.

For Sample – if you weigh 73 kg and you play singles tennis, which has a MET value of 8.
The formula would work as follows: 8 x 3.5 x 73 / 200 = 10.2 calories per minute. If you play tennis for an hour, you’ll burn about 613 calories.


complete 7 days weight loss challenge

Note: 1 MET = 1 kcal kg-1 hr-1 or 1 MET = 3.5 ml kg1 min1 of O2

Metabolic Equivalents (MET) Values for Physical Activity Levels


Burn 2600 calories is a physically demanding exercise in one day causes there may be an injury, you have faced few difficulties in the initial stage, hence you should try to burn 2600 calories in the week, then increase your speed slowly with your proper diet and rest.

How many of you can follow this routine? post your answer in a comment section

you have any other idea related to complete 7 days weight loss challenge with exercise routine challenges! post in a comment


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