GPT-5 release date leaked: it will be much sooner than Sam Altman said

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Business Insider has contacted company sources who assure that we will not have to wait too long. His comments contradict the statements of the CEO of OpenAI.

GPT-5 release date

Sam Altman spoke with YouTuber Lex Fridman for two hours on Monday, March 18. Lex Fridman’s podcast is regarded as a standard for distributing material about modern technology. He made some intriguing remarks in it, such as saying that ChatGPT seemed “disgusting” in light of the future developments in artificial intelligence.

But those weren’t the only words that grabbed people’s attention. In addition, he mentioned that OpenAI was developing an updated large language model (LLM) that will be available in 2025. Though he did not mention it, he did name it GPT-5. Disregarded the possibility that we would benefit from a ChatGPT he powered this year.

On the other hand, Business Insider notes that OpenAI is getting ready for the 2024 release of GPT-5. This has been confirmed after speaking with several company sources—who would rather not be identified. Anonymity. All of them discuss how the new LLM is almost ready and that its release will be announced in the upcoming months since only a few things need to be done to “complete certain tasks.”

It is already in testing.

According to these Business Insider sources, several enterprise customers have benefited from receiving the first GPT-5 samples and an enhanced ChatGPT as a result. They’re probably talking to Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI in return for the ability to exploit its artificial intelligence capabilities. Additionally, they indicate a more exact and ambitious date: the summer of 2024.

Naturally, they haven’t said anything regarding the size or new features of GPT-5. Still, you can understand where the shots will go if you consider that GPT-4 uses around 1.8 trillion parameters, which is ten times more than GPT-3.

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