The prices of used Tesla car do not stop falling, like the updated Model 3.

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By robb the singh

We’ve observed that Tesla has significantly reduced the price of its vehicles in recent months. We observed an exception in March due to the rise in Model Y sales. However, the tendency is irreversible and negatively affects the value of used goods whose prices have dropped.

prices of used Tesla

That is evident from the graph that the Cargurus portal released, which examines the average price of used Tesla models.

That illustrates how prices began to soar in mid-2021 due to several factors, including the pandemic-related recovery in demand, shortages of parts, and inflated logistics costs. These factors drive up car prices until October 2022, when Tesla initiated the ongoing pricing war. Tens of thousands of vehicles from leasing and rental programs from 2019 and 2020 also arrived on the used market, contributing to the price collapse.

From October 2022’s average of $67,900 to the present $31,724. A downward trend that appears to have no end and that has further accelerated at the start of 2024.

Tesla Model 3 from $15,000

That has resulted in the prices of used units dropping substantially.

prices of used Tesla

For about $14,999, we may purchase base version vehicles with fewer than 160,000 kilometers in the United States. a very appealing price for a vehicle with an actual autonomy of roughly 370 kilometers. We have units with less than 100,000 miles in the regular version for around $3,000 more and a long-range version for $19,900.

These attractive rates are not available in Europe; for instance, to get the least expensive Model 3, we would need to pay 20,900 euros for a machine with almost 160,000 kilometers on its regular access edition. The most affordable Long Range, which has 160,000 miles as well, costs 26,000 euros.

Prices will need to decrease even more, like the updated Model 3, which starts at 39,990 euros before assistance and has a 515 km WLTP range in its base form with better interior and exterior design. The cost might be as much as 32,490 euros with them. Something strains worn-out components.

Will Europe be able to purchase a Tesla Model 3 for 15,000 euros? It is something that will occur, even though it will probably take us at least a year to witness it.

prices of used Tesla

The other question is, is a used Model 3 worth its price? 

The answer will depend on the condition of each unit, but for an electric vehicle that can provide us with over 300 km of autonomy and whose batteries and motors should last for a few hundred thousand more kilometers without issue, it is an irresistible price.

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