Tesla makes a radical turn and raises the price of the Tesla Model Y by $2,174(2,000 euros)

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If we stated a few days ago that Elon Musk’s company has taken the lead in bringing down the cost of electric vehicles, we now have to retract that statement. In a drastic move, Tesla declares that the Model Y will cost at least $2,174 (2,000 euros) more.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla revealed the shocking information via its X account, initially Twitter. It also stops the recent discount policy that saw price reductions of up to $4,349 (4,000 euros) for its most popular model, the best-selling electric car in Europe (which also happens to be the model with the greatest registrations globally, including combustion models). Due to the drastic adjustment, the new charges would climb to $2,174 (2,000 euros).

Tesla urges those thinking about buying one of its electric cars to act as soon as possible because the costs are still what they are for now.

Tesla takes a radical turn

According to the company’s announcement, the Tesla Model will have an “approximately $2,174 (2,000 euros) or its equivalent in other currencies” price increase. For now, the rate increase’s impact on the markets is limited to saying that it would occur “in several countries in Europe,” without going into detail about which ones or whether it will start in some and then spread to others.

The brand raised the price of the Tesla Model Y in the United States by $1,000 (or, given the current exchange rate, approximately 1,089 euros), and it did the same in Europe a few days ago.

The new prices of Tesla Model Y

The question is: how much will the Tesla Model Y cost with the new rates?

  • With the price rise, the best-selling electric car in Europe would now cost less than $48,943 (45,000 euros), assuming it is implemented in our nation. It will still be eligible for assistance under the Moves III Plan.
  • Adding $2,174 (2,000 euros) to the Tesla Model Y Great Autonomy price makes it $56,545 (51,990 euros), more than the amount that can be subsidized.
  • The new price in Europe for the top-of-the-line Tesla Model Y Performance would be $63,055 (57,990 euros).

Elon Musk explained this rise a few weeks ago via the same route for those wondering why: “It is the eternal dilemma of the industry: factories need continuous production to be efficient, but consumer demand is seasonal.”

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