Get free wifi password and use free internet access on phone & pc

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Get free wifi password and use free internet access on phone & pc

Do you want to use your phone and other devices to access the free WiFi? The majority of users constantly ask for the WiFi password in order to use free WiFi. You may occasionally wonder if it’s feasible to connect to any WiFi network without providing a password or knowing it.

Get free wifi password

Using the Instabridge app, it is possible to learn any WiFi’s password. You may connect to any Wifi by knowing their password and use their network to access the internet for free. Learn the password and all the information about the free wifi.

How to Know WIFI password

This is one of the best applications that lets you connect with any wifi and use the internet. You can also filter the Wifi and connect with your favorite WiFi.


  • Know password
  • Filter Wifi
  • Find Wifi by locations

How to download and use the WiFi password Instabridge app

The download link for the Instabridge app must be clicked in order to install it. The Wifi password app is also available on the Google Play Store. To find the wifi password app, open the Play Store and select the search icon. To download and install the wifi password app on your phone, tap the download icon.

Open the app, pick the Instabridge app by tapping the “try it out” option. Following that, hit the Wifi button to access all the Default WiFi. You press the location symbol to view all of the WiFi in your area. Next, choose any WiFi and then touch the Show Password button.

Watch the advertisement video and choose Unlock password. It will unlock the password once you watch the video. Now that you’re connected to that WiFi, you may use the free internet. Additionally, you may filter WiFi based on how well it connects.

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