Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White and yellow Fungus

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Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White Fungus | Yellow Fungus

The Coronavirus crisis has not yet ended in the country, and now these days, threatening diseases like Black Fungus and White Fungus have come into the news.
Threatening, I mean dangerous diseases.

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White Fungus | Yellow Fungus

If you have suffered covid-19 diseases, then you have a very high chance of getting this disease.
You’ll come out of it alive.
If you have black fungus, then you have a 50% chance of survival.

Yes, you heard right, 50% death rate, there is a 50% chance of surviving it.


Now the question arises here

  1. What is this Black Fungus disease? 
  2. How did it begin? 
  3. What are the symptoms of black fungus
  4. When do they get the opportunity?
  5. How long does it take to spread?
  6. What about white fungus and yellow fungus and prevention?
  7. How can it be prevented from black fungus?
Come and let’s find out in today’s this article. I will try to answer all these questions in this article.
Before writing this article, I did a lot of research and read articles about some skin specialists and doctors, in which I came to know a lot about black fungus.
Whatever I discuss here with you will be 100% generic.

1- What is this Black Fungus disease?

In medical terms, the black fungus is call as Mucormycosis, and this infection belongs to Mucorales fungal family, and it’s almost everywhere.

In soil, in the environment, in the decaying fruits and vegetables, in fruits and vegetables,
They are very common, it is a fungus, so it’s called an Environmental Contaminant.

The disease falls under the category of opportunistic infections.

These infections do not cause discomfort under normal conditions.

But whenever these viruses or fungus get a chance, then they attack infected people.

2-How did it begin?

If seen, this fungus is found almost everywhere in the environment, but now it comes out in a mutation form.

Because the body is busy fighting a virus and causing our immune system too weak, Mucormycosis is a fungal infection arising from the coronavirus.

It is a dangerous disease for the catcher, requiring X-rays and CT scans.

So it has a mortality rate of 50%, and the death rate can reach 90%

3- What are the symptoms of black fungus

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment

The first category of symptoms that I told you about, you need to concentrate on them primarily.
Its symptoms are common. And biopsies are required to diagnose them.

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White Fungus | Yellow Fungus

Black fungus on your core has many symptoms.

  1. Pain and redness around the eyes are its main symptoms.
  2. the headache and one-sided facial swelling are seen in this infection.
  3. Over a while, the patient may feel chest pain before breathing difficulties and cough up blood.
  4. This infection can also occur in the brain and eyes, which leads to blindness, headaches, and seizures.

so all of these are the common symptoms of black fungus

It is so dangerous that when it happens to any patient, the place where it happens to be cut and removed to save the patient.

4- When do they get the opportunity?

If the fungal infection enters a healthy and fit body, then it does not cause them any problem.

  1. If your immune system is weak and compromising, then you have more chances of getting infected.
  2. If you have any other disease, like cancer, and you’re getting chemotherapy treatment, it weakens your immune system.
  3. If you have diabetes, and taking too much drug for the treatment, so there are high chances of it happening,
  4. When the blood flow is restricted, then the skin gets discolored, often into a black color.
  5. If you are a Covid-19 patient and have been undergoing treatment for a long time and taking steroids for a long time

4.1- There can be several ways of getting inside your body.

  • Through air- When we breathe, many spores enter our body along with the air, which infects our lungs. 
  • Through food- If the food is spoiled or has decaying fungus on it, they go into our stomach and get infected.
  • Through wounds- If the spores contaminate your wound.
Mostly it spreads through the air.
The area of the nose and sinuses are the most common areas where mucormycosis infection occurs.
It is the symptom this area starts looking black, so it is called a black fungus.

5-How long does it take to spread?

When people are immunocompromised, then the progression time is less than a week.

  • You do get infected, the symptoms that you might come across depending on the area of the body where the fungus is growing
  • It occurs in the area of the sinus, it can cause toothache, blurred vision, headache, and nasal congestion happen.
  • Black lesions may form here, and you may also get a fever.
  • This infection starts extends from the lungs, then you may get a fever, cough, chest pains, bloody vomit or cough, or shortness of breath.
  • If our skin is infected or any wound gets infected, then the area around the wounds will start turning black. 
  • If this infection occurs in the stomach, which is known as gastrointestinal mucormycosis, then you’ll get abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting

6- How can it be prevented from black fungus?

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment

The good news is that this disease is rare.

Some experts also say that immunocompromised people even they rarely get the disease.


In states like Rajasthan and Telangana, Black Fungus has already been declared an epidemic. 

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White Fungus | Yellow Fungus In previous session read about the Black Fungus and the black fungus Symptoms & Treatment

From prevention of this disease, I write you some required point.

  • If your immune system is best so don’t worry about this infection.
  • For its treatment, the patient has to use anti-fungal drugs. but currently, in our country, there is a shortage of anti-fungal medicines too.
  • The third method of treatment is through surgery. The infected tissue is removed from the body. 
  • This infection is more likely to happen to diabetic patients. so they need to control their sugar level.
  • If you are undergoing treatment, do not use steroids at all.
  • Fungi can grow easily in a zinc-rich environment, so minimize the use of zinc supplements.
  • Many people were sending WhatsApp forwards saying that inhaled steam, and that it will reduce the chances of getting a Black Fungus infection, but it’s not true because moister increases in your body due to which the fungus starts growing faster in the body. so don’t inhale excessive steam.

7-What about white fungus and yellow fungus and prevention?

After Black Fungus there are now news reports of White Fungus.


Are White Fungus and Yellow Fungus new diseases that are cropping up? 


AIIMS Chief Dr. Randeep Guleria says that all these names; Black Fungus, White Fungus, Yellow Fungus, are creating unnecessary confusion. 

These diseases aren’t of different types, neither are they caused by different reasons.

All these diseases are because of fungus. And the reasons for these infections are very similar.

Your weakened immune system. It is not even that the fungi are of different colors. 

That one’s a white fungus and the other yellow.

They are simply named based on the symptoms. 


As a symptom of Black Fungus, this area becomes black in the patients.

What happens in the patients who have White Fungus infections is that their tongue often becomes white.


Some Expert advise about white fungus

Aspergillus is known as White Fungus. And you might’ve seen Aspergillus as a mold on bread. The fungus that you’ve seen growing on bread is Aspergillus. 

  1. Immunocompetent people may also get infected with it. Allergic Bronchopulmonary and Aspergillosis are the same. 
  2. Ears and eyes may also get infected with it.

Mortality is very low in healthy people because if you consider all the Aspergillus infections most of the people will get well

even without treatment, they may get well. If it is a superficial infection.

If they get systemic infections, then the mortality is around 20%-40%. And that happens in immunocompromised people.


What precautions should prevent white fungus infection?

Maintaining hygiene, etc. Steroids, first and foremost, steroids. Only the appropriate usage of steroids. 

We have to know that when all these diseases that now aren’t caused by unique factors.

In the case of White fungus too, infection is caused after being inhaled when you breathe.

when you get in contact with a Covid-19 patient, the chances of your getting infected increases, then it happens in Covid-19, but it is not so with these fungal infections

Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment| White Fungus | Yellow Fungus

Doesn’t it happen when you keep the food outside the fridge fungus starts growing on it?

Similar environmental conditions avoided if there are immunocompromised people around. 

Additionally, do not use steroids without the prescription of a doctor.


If there are diabetic people, or if you have any other pre-existing condition. Its side effects can be very harmful.


we will discuss about the Black Fungus Symptoms & Treatment in article, “Prevention is better than Cure.” And this proverb is very valid for these cases. Try your best to prevent these diseases.
Keep your environmental conditions hygienic. Maintain cleanliness around you.
Especially if there are people around you whose immune systems may already be compromised

Think about the environmental conditions where fungus generally spread.
When the moisture content in the air is high, and the temperature is higher than the room temperature. 

And maintain personal hygiene properly. Wash your hands properly and timely. And maintain proper hygiene.

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