6 Extreme workout weight loss methods| 21 Day weight loss

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6 Extreme workout weight loss methods| 21 Day weight loss

Again with a new article, my close friend has demanded to make an article on weight loss.
So here we are, I will share with you a workout schedule for weight loss.

So please read this article till the end because at last, I will share a few tips which will help you in this weight loss journey.

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Let’s start the article.
In this blog, we will do 5 compound movements, and in each compound movement, we will do one exercise in supersets. 

This exercise will help you in gaining heart rate and core strengthening.

Table of content

  1. 6 extreme workout and weight loss methods
  2. Nutrition tips for 21 days of weight loss 

1- 6 extreme workout and weight loss methods

This workout will help you in weight loss as well as help you in strength building. You only have to follow this workout for 21 days to see the best results.

At the end of the workout, we will do a finisher exercise.

1.1-Squat superset

we will do a squat superset with skipping. We will do weighted squats here, so put weight in one time.

  • You have to take care of your posture while doing squats. Do it in control and rhythmic way.
  • As soon as you complete your 10repetitions put down the bar and perform skipping for 30 secs.

1.2- Jumping jacks

we will be doing push press with jumping jacks. You will need a bar for push press, and you will lift it like this and then up.

Whenever you lift the bar, breathe out and focus on your rhythm and control, and as soon as you complete your ten repetitions, you will do jumping jacks without taking any break for 30 secs.

1.3- Deadlift and kettlebell swing.

In this set, we will do two exercises which will be deadlift and kettlebell swing.

  1. We will do the deadlift. Chest lift, core tight, knee soft and will go down slowly, and then will go up and breath out, and slowly go down As soon as you complete your ten repetitions with no break,
  2. You will do a kettlebell swing for 30 secs In which you will widen your legs and sit in a squats position, And as you straighten, your knees you will lift the kettlebell. 
You will do a good rhythm while doing it. we know that this is extreme workout for weight loss methods

1.4- Incline dumbbell press

we are doing ten repetitions of incline dumbbell press with 30 seconds of the plank.

  • For doing this, you have to lay down, maintain your back, and take dumbbells down slowly And then lift them And breath out Slow and steady, And then without taking any break will do a plank. 
Do the normal breathing while doing it.

1.5- Bent-over row with load

We are doing a bent-over row with load and carry. When we will do a bent-over row with curl grip instead of normal grip, and Stand straight.

  • You will bend over knee soft pelvic bone, And try to put bars near your lower abs. Lift it and breath out.
  • As soon as you complete ten repetitions, and you will put down the weight, And you will need two dumbbells.
  • Dumbbell weight must be heavy, And you will hold both the dumbbell, And you will start walking from here But your chest must be lifted and core tight And will take steps but walk fast. And do it for 30 seconds. 

1.6- Burpee

we will do the finisher exercise, which will be burpee, and You have to do 20 repetitions of this.

  • So, with this, you have completed your 1 round, and you have to perform 3-4 sets more.

2- Extreme weight loss diet method for 21 days

I will share a few tips which will fasten your weight loss journey.

1- Cardio exercises

1-if you want to lose weight when you have to do moderate pace cardio in the morning with an empty stomach for 20-30 min

  • In cardio, you can do cyclingtreadmill, elliptical, or breast walk. An empty stomach means you can only drink water, And
  • If you want to have additional benefits, then don’t eat anything after 30 minutes of cardio.

2.2-Avoid processed sugar.

  • You have to cut off artificial sugar from your diet, But you can replace sugar with jaggery, honey, and off sugar.
  • In addition to this, whatever packed beverages you consume also have unnecessary sugar in them, Which you must avoid consuming.

2.3- Eat less more often.

  • This means don’t eat much at one time. Divide your whole day meals into 4-5 parts, And in every meal please make sure that the required portion must be of salad or green meals.
  • Intake whey protein isolate, carbohydrates

2.4- Drink partially juice

The Perfect Workout and tips to Lose Weight| 21 Day weight loss

  • If you can drink parsley juice at any time of the day, it is beneficial for you.
  • the recipe to make parsley juice is to take a handful of parsley, two handfuls of spinach, and ginger, mix all this in a grinder with one glass of water, and then drink it. 

2.5-Stay hydrated

The Perfect Workout and tips to Lose Weight| 21 Day weight loss

  • That means you have to drink a lot of water in a day 4 to 5-liter water, and if you consume green tea in a day, it would be beneficial for you. The last tip but not least is deep sleep. 
  • You have to take 7-8 hours of deep sleep which is necessary for you. And the right time to sleep is 10 pm-6 am. When you take a deep sleep, your stress hormones get reduced, which helps you in losing weight.

It is my new article, and I hope you have liked it. If so, then please like, share, and comment.
After following this workout schedule and weight loss diet for 21 days do let me know whether you get any results or not, do continue to write in the comment box,

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