5 variants of push-ups to explode your pecs

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By robb the singh

5 variants of push-ups to explode your pecs

Symbol of virility and power in men, a powerful and thick bust requires a large volume on the pectoral muscles, so it is not surprising that it is the muscle that comes up the most when we ask a practitioner what he wishes to develop in priority.

Here is an effective program, simple to implement and with a minimum of material. Based on variants of push-ups, this bodybuilding program includes 5 5 variants of push-ups exercises which are as follows:

5 variants of push-ups to explode

1- Standard gauge push-ups

Execution instructions:

  • Spread hands wider than shoulders
  • Elbows slightly back from the shoulder line
  • Pelvis in a neutral position, chest sheathed with the head in alignment with the spine 
  • Feet about thirty centimeters apart
  • Inhale while descending and exhale while ascending.

2- Plyometric push-ups for the work of explosiveness and strength

Execution instructions: the goal is power, so adopt the position (hands apart) where you feel the strongest.

  • In the contraction phase, the objective is to be as explosive as possible, so to take off the hands and slap them against each other.
  • It obliges to put this intention of speed.
  • Do not retain the return phase where the hands find the ground but on the contrary take advantage of the stretching stored by the pectorals (hence the name plyometrics).
  • Beware of fragile wrists because the impact of the hands on the ground is significant.

3- Elevated pumps

Execution instructions:

Place your feet higher than your bust to find an incline press position that will target the top of your pecs more.

4- Close-grip push-ups (triceps)

Execution instructions:

  • Place the hands directly above the pectorals with a slight inward rotation (your 2 thumbs and index fingers should form a triangle).
  • In the stretching phase, your hands should be on the bottom of the pecs.
  • Keep your elbows tight throughout the exercise.

5- Push-ups on a gym ball

Reference position identical to push-ups, but with the hands a little further apart. Find the right balance on the ball, knowing that the farther the ball is in front of you, the more difficult the cladding will be. Start by placing the ball at chest level.

The program :

  • 1st exercise: 3 sets of plyometric push-ups. Recovery time: 2 minutes per set.
  • 2nd exercise: elevated push-ups. 3 x 10. Recovery time: 2 minutes per set.
  • 3rd and 4th exercise: in bi-set, that is to say by chaining without rest time a series of each before recovery. Standard width push-ups 10 reps, close grip push-ups 6 reps. 1 minute recovery time between each sequence. 3 rounds.
  • 5th exercise: push-ups on a gym ball. 3 x the maximum to finish. 30-second recovery time.

An alternation of the different adaptations of the body to solicit a wide range of physical qualities: strength, explosiveness, and endurance while soliciting muscular hypertrophy.

A short (25-30 minutes) and intense session to practice once or twice a week for maximum results

So a first difficult exercise with a method aimed at strength and explosiveness at the start of the session when you are fresh and available. The second is a classic execution with the aim of muscle hypertrophy.

Then a bi-set, always with the aim of hypertrophy and in addition a short recovery to accentuate the work of the vascularization (the local muscular congestion, which will allow the body to adapt to this type of effort).

Note the strong participation of the triceps in the 2nd movement. And an exercise in instability to couple the work of the pectorals with an abdominal sheathing.


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