10 foods with biotin ideal to achieve perfect hair

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10 foods with biotin ideal to achieve perfect hair

If you are one of those who try to protect your hair every day, promote its growth, and prevent hair loss, we give you great help that you can easily implement through diet. These are 10 foods with biotin that are ideal for achieving perfect hair.

 biotin ideal to achieve perfect hair

Biotin: the best nutrient for your hair

Biotin, also called vitamin H or vitamin B7, is a water-soluble nutrient that is involved in promoting cell division and growth, therefore, it is essential for many body tissues, and above all, it can be a great nutrient for your hair.

Although this vitamin is synthesized in our body at the intestinal level and there is rarely a deficiency of it in our body, we can take care of its levels through an adequate intake that will also help to care for the hair.

On our hair, biotin can stimulate growth and stop the fall, but also, it can favor its strength, preventing the hair from being brittle and weak.

Likewise, this vitamin can confer thickness and hardness together with other nutrients such as zinc or proteins.

We show you the foods that can help you get biotin, the best nutrient to show off perfect hair.

10 foods with biotin that will feed your hair

To include biotin in your diet and thus take care of your hair by feeding it good nutrients, we recommend adding the following foods to your regular diet:

Beef liver: 

It is a great source of biotin that also provides protein, iron, and zinc for your hair. It does not have a lot of fat and we can use it instead of some other meat once a week.


It is a useful source of biotin since we can incorporate it into different preparations at our table, for example, we can add it to a salad, an omelet, a cake, or a breakfast.

Oily fish: 

These are the fish that contain the most biotin, such as tuna, salmon, sardines, or herring. In addition to this vitamin that helps to grow and strengthen hair, they are a source of omega 3 that gives it shine and softness.


Among the legumes they are the best source of biotin that can feed our hair, we can add them to a salad, to the filling of a cake, or to an omelet.


They are a great option to include this vitamin between meals, they are also a source of vitamin E and good fats that also feed the hair. Just a handful daily in our diet can be of great help.


It is one of the fruits with the highest biotin content, you can incorporate a daily unit to obtain this nutrient and other good ones for the body’s health.

Brown rice: 

Whole grains are a good source of this vitamin, so brown rice can be an ideal food for your hair. Incorporate it as part of a salad, stew, or similar and you will enjoy its benefits.


It is a good way to add biotin to the diet and also allows you to obtain vitamin C which also contributes to having the perfect hair. Therefore, be sure to incorporate this food as part of your regular diet.

Brewer’s yeast: 

just a teaspoon a day, dissolved in some liquid, can be of great help to obtain this great nutrient for your hair.


They are another of the fruits that can help you obtain biotin, you can add them to your yogurt or consume them as a healthy dessert or snack.

If you include the aforementioned foods in your regular diet, you will have a good amount of biotin to care for your hair, but remember not only do these foods help to achieve perfect hair, but also good lifestyle habits and a balanced diet in general.

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