Upsc IAS, State PCS static gk GS

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Upsc IAS, State PCS static gk GS MCQ

‘Important books and their authors.
Important for upcoming exams

  1. Godan – Munshi Premchand
  2. Malgudi Days – R. Of. Narayan
  3. Ashtadhyayi – Panini
  4. Indica – Megasthenes
  5. Rajtarangini – Kalhan
  6. Speed Post – Sobha-De
  7. Aine-e-Akbari – Abul Fazal
  8. Divine Life – Shivananda
  9. Eternal India – Indira Gandhi
  10. My Tooth – Indira Gandhi
  11. Milindpanho – Nagasena
  12. Shahnama – Firdausi
  13. Baburnama – Babar
  14. Economics – Chanakya
  15. Humayunnama – Gulbadan Begum
  16. Vinay Patrika – Tulsidas
  17. Geet Govind – Jaidev
  18. Buddhacharitam – Ashvaghosha
  19. Young India – Mahatma Gandhi
  20. Akbarnama – Abul Fazal
  21. Poetry Analysis – Rajashekhar
  22. Harshacharita – Vanbhatta
  23. Satyarth-Prakash – Dayanand Saraswati
  24. Meghdoot – Kalidas
  25. Mudrarakshasa – Visakhadutt
  26. Hitopadesh – Narayan Pandit
  27. Blind Faith – Sagarika Ghosh
  28. Guide – R.K. Narayan
  29. A Suitable Buy – Vikram Seth
  30. Life Divine – Arvind Ghosh

Static GK GS

1.:- Accumulation of which acid in muscles causes fatigue?
Ans:- Lactic acid

2.:-Which acid is found in grapes?
Ans :- Tartaric acid

3.:- Study of cancer related diseases is called
Ans :- -Organology

4.:- Which is the longest cell in the human body?
Ans:- Nerve cell

5.:- Of which substance are teeth mainly made?
Ans: – Of dentine

6.:- Which animal’s shape is like a slipper?
Ans :- Paramecium

7.:-How many eyes does an earthworm have?
Ans:- Not even one

8.:- Carrot is a rich source of which vitamin?
Ans:- Vitamin A

9.:- In which of the following substances protein is not found?
Ans:- Rice

10.:- Approximately how many grams does the human brain weigh?
Answer :- 1350

Important questions and answers related to science

🔘 Who is considered the father of paleontology?
Ans ➺ Leonardo da Vinci

🔘 Who first explained the evolution of life?
Ans ➺ Lamarck

🔘 What is added to provide hardness to steel?
Ans ➺ Chromium

🔘 What is CGS unit of work?
Ans ➺ Arg

🔘 Which ion plays a role in blood clotting?
Ans ➺ Calcium ion

🔘 What is the instrument that measures blood pressure called?
Ans ➺ Sphygmomanometer

🔘 In which organism was blood pressure measured for the first time?
Ans ➺ horse

🔘 Where is bile produced in the body?
Ans ➺ Liver

🔘 Where are the islets of Langerhans found?
Ans ➺ In pancreas

🔘 Who is the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics and Chemistry?
Ans ➺ Madame Curie

Quiz for all competitive exams

Question 1. How many verses are there in Ramayana written by Maharishi Valmiki?
Answer – 24,000

Question 2. Which planet is related to the celebration of Eid?
Answer – Moon

Question 3. How many Puranas are there for Hindus?
Answer – 18

Question 4. According to Hindu Puranas, who was the guru of the demons?
Answer – Guru Shukracharya

Question 5. According to the Puranas, whose chariot has seven horses?
Answer – Sun

Question 6. What was the name of Dhritarashtra’s charioteer?
Answer – Sanjay

Question 7. Who founded Agra?
Answer – Sikandar Lodi (1504 AD)

Question 8. How many years did it take to build the Taj Mahal?
Answer – 22 years

Question 9. Which city is known as Pink City?
Answer – Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Question 10. What is the meaning of RAM in computer language?
Answer – Random Access Memory

🌍 Geography of India Important Questions and Answers 🌍

● What is the latitudinal extent of entire India?
Ans. — 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ north latitude

● Which line passes through the middle of India
Ans. – Tropic of Cancer

● What is the extent of India from north to south?
Ans- 3214 km

● What is the extent of India from east to west?
Ans- 2933 km

● Where are the Andaman-Nicobar Islands located?
Ans- In the Bay of Bengal

● Where is Lakshadweep located?
Ans- in the Arabian Sea

● What is the southern end of India called?
Ans- Indira Point

● By which other name is Indira Point also known?
Ans- Pygmalion Point

● What is the area of India compared to the area of the world?
Ans- 2. 42%

● What percent of the world’s total population lives in India?
Ans- 17%

Physics Questions – Answers

✸ Why can’t we see during fog?
Ans ➞ Scattering of light

✸ Which color bends the least while passing through the prism?
Ans ➞ Red

✸ Where will the weight of any object be kept the least?
Ans ➞ At the center of the Earth

✷ What is the cause of salinity in sea water?
Ans➞Sodium Chloride

✸ What causes one object to stick to another?
Ans ➞ Adhesive force

✷ What causes viscosity in liquids?
Ans ➞ Due to cohesive force

✸ Why does a test tube lying in water shine?
Ans ➞ Due to complete internal change

✷ Why does a crack in glass shine?
Ans ➞ Due to total internal reflection

✸ Why does a person leaning forward while climbing a mountain?
Ans ➞ To increase stability

✷ What is the cause of atmospheric pressure on Earth?
Ans ➞ Gravitational force

✸ Why is it difficult to cook food in the mountains?
Ans ➞ Atmospheric pressure decreases as we go above the earth’s surface.

✷ Why are the walls below the dam made thick?
Ans ➞ Pressure of fluid increases with increase in depth.

✸ Why does a steel bullet float in mercury?
Ans ➞ The density of mercury is higher than that of steel.

✷ Why is a needle seen floating on the surface of water?
Ans ➞ Due to surface tension

✸ Why do cream particles separate from milk?
Ans ➞ Due to centrifugal force

✷ What is the reason why ice floats on water?
Ans ➞ The density of ice is less than that of water.

✷ How does heat from the Sun reach the Earth?
Ans ➞ By radiation

✷ When the lake water starts drying up, where does the ice start freezing first?
Ans ➞ from above

✅ Important Indian Polity MCQ for UPSC

  1. What is the Second Schedule of the Constitution related to?
    A. By the creation of new states
    B. From the salaries and allowances of important post officers
    C. From Parliament
    D. From the presidential election

Answer – B ✅

  1. In which schedule 22 languages have been recognised?
    A. seventh
    B. sixth

Answer – C ✅

  1. In which schedule are the details regarding disqualification of elected members on the basis of defection?
    A. second

Answer – D ✅

  1. In which state the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution is not applicable?
    C. Nagaland

Answer – A and C ✅

  1. Which state’s reservation bill has been included in the 9th schedule?
    A. Rajasthan
    C.Tamil Nadu

Answer – C ✅

  1. Which schedule of the Indian Constitution gives the list of names and details of territories in the state?
    A. Third
    D. seventh

Answer – B ✅

  1. By which amendment was the 9th Schedule changed in the Indian Constitution?
    A. By Second Amendment
    B. By Third Amendment
    C. By Fourth Amendment
    D. By the First Amendment

Answer – D ✅

  1. Under which article the provision for the post of Vice President has been made?
    B. Article – 63

Answer – B ✅

  1. Financial emergency is declared under which article?
    B. Article – 356
    C. Article – 360

Answer – C ✅

  1. Under which article is the National Backward Commission constituted?
    C. Article – 257
    D. Article – 340(a)

Answer – A ✅

  1. In which schedule the distribution of powers between the Center and the states is described?
    A. In the Second Schedule
    B. In the fourth schedule
    C. In the Seventh Schedule
    D. In the Eighth Schedule

Answer – C ✅

  1. Concurrent List does not belong to which state?
    A. From Arunachal Pradesh
    B.From Tripura
    C. From Bihar
    D. From Jammu and Kashmir

Answer – D ✅

  1. How many subjects were there in the concurrent list at the time the Constitution came into force?
    A.49 subjects
    B.47 subjects
    C.51 subjects
    D.54 subjects

Answer – B ✅

  1. Basically how many subjects are there in the state list?
    A.66 subjects
    B.67 subjects
    C.69 subjects
    D.71 subjects

Answer – A ✅

  1. How many subjects are there in the Union List?
    A.99 subjects
    B.97 subjects
    C.101 topic
    D.98 subjects

Answer – B ✅

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