The Best Peptides To Help Increase Testosterone

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By robb the singh

The Best Peptides To Help Increase Testosterone

Hope you’re having a wonderful day. In today’s article, the best peptides to help increase testosterone.

So let’s start with the first peptide and probably the best peptide when it comes to increasing your testosterone.

Best Peptides To Help Increase Testosterone

So let’s start with the first peptide and probably the best peptide when it comes to increasing your testosterone.

One thing I must say about all these peptides is that all these peptides work with your body. So your body is making testosterone, which is such a key benefit versus doing TRT ( Peptides To Increase Testosterone).

So the first peptide is Kisspeptin 10 and this peptide has many benefits while we focus on really more how it relates to helping with testosterone. 

That peptide goes up to your pituitary gland and stimulates the luteinizing hormone. And what luteinizing hormone does, is it goes down to your testicles and tells your testicles to make more testosterone. 

So it’s pretty cool how it goes to the source of where testosterone started, which is in the pituitary gland, and then it goes to your testicles. 

How does it work? 

It increases the pulse frequency. Let’s say this is your testosterone, and you do the peptide injection, you get this increase of testosterone, and then it goes back down. 

That’s similar to how the growth hormone peptides work, where it’s very similar. You have your growth hormone, you do the peptide, you get this increase, and it goes back down.

My research and just what the articles were saying, it seemed that the best dose was about 1. 

For example, I’m about 84, or 88, it’d be around 80 to 100 micrograms to get the best response.  

In the study, but, in the study, they were doing different doses from one to three micrograms per kilogram. 

I found that 1 Μg/kg created the best response. And then we’re taking this peptide.

The thing is, this peptide is still new, and it’s still being researched quite often or quite a bit personally. 

I would either take this in the morning to kind of help mimic my natural levels of testosterone because naturally, you get your highest levels of testosterone in the morning. 

I would do this before a workout or after a workout in a fasted state.


The peptide is DSIP Delta, a sleep-inducing peptide. And this peptide has a lot of unique benefits.

It’s commonly used just for helping to get better sleep. But what’s unique about this peptide, how it relates to testosterone, is that it stimulates gluttonizing hormone, which I mentioned in the Kiss pectin section, that gluttonizing hormone stimulates the testicles to make more testosterone.

That one is a peptide that also helps increase growth hormone. So not only are getting better sleep, but you’re also helping with testosterone and growth hormones.

So this is a pretty awesome peptide. And from peptide protocol, the recommended dosing is 100 micrograms 3 hours before bed.

So that’s important to know you don’t take this peptide right before bed.

Additionally, this peptide is used to restore your sleep. So let’s say you have a bad sleep and get back to baseline.

There’s no need to continually need to take this peptide because it can have the opposite effect on your sleep.

So in peptide protocol, he says about 100 mg until you get to your normal sleep and then reduce down to 50 mg once a week and really kind of play around with seeing how you respond to it.

3- CJC-1295 + Ipamorelin

That can help increase testosterone is the blend CJC 205 and Aprilins. And the reason why I included this in the article is that can indirectly help your testosterone.

These two peptides help your body create and release growth hormones. And growth hormone plays a vital role in helping with sleep recovery, building muscle, and burning fat and all things are critical to higher levels of testosterone.

If you’re reliant can increase your testosterone levels. It’s the best peptide blend to either directly or indirectly increase your testosterone levels.

When it comes to the recommended dosage from peptide protocol for CJC 25 he recommends 100 micrograms, and then for a minor role, he recommends anywhere from 100 to 300 micrograms.

This peptide must be taken on an empty stomach because carbohydrates and fatty acids can disrupt your sleep or disrupt the release of growth hormones.

How to combine these peptides

Now I want to briefly touch on how to combine all these peptides because I firmly believe that all of these peptides I mentioned in the article could have a great synergistic effect.

So what I would do is I would combine Kiss peptide 10, Iporalin, and CJC 25 altogether in one syringe and take it either in the morning or before a workout in a fasted state.

I would take DSIP 3 hours before bed, and I’ll reduce that peptide once my sleep stabilized.

In addition, I would run this stack for five days on two days off for ten to twelve weeks. The only thing unsure about, I’m still doing more research, is the frequency of Kisspap10.

I’ve seen some people doing it every single day. I’ve seen people recommend it two or three times a week.

So it depends on your body’s response and what’s going on. So Now I want to touch on some other ways to help increase your testosterone to complement these peptides.

Other ways to help increase T-level

  1. Some good lifestyle factors. So getting some sunlight, moving your body, like lifting weights, eating meat. Trying your best little low-stress life and sleeping are just some fundamentals to make naturally high levels of hormones. 
  2. Using red light therapy on your testicles. I’m a big fan of red light therapy, not only for recovery, but it’s a great way to endogenously create more testosterone because the red light therapy stimulates the testicles, which will make more testosterone. 
  3. Super underrated is an herbal test spur, sir. I’m such a big fan of an herbal test booster. So many wonders to help with your drive, mood, libido, and testosterone. 
  4. A Huge fundamental to help increase your testosterone is to work on your purpose, challenge yourself, and get into martial arts.

I think all three of those together can be a 9th addition to having higher levels of the hormone. Now I want to end this article with something dangerous to look out for when getting into more alternative ways to increase your testosterone. 

So it’s important to note that whenever you make more testosterone, a little bit of it converts to estrogen. 

That’s how it converts into the body. So it is immediately mindful that you don’t always want more testosterone. 

More testosterone is not always a good thing, but it depends on the way you go about it. So everything I mentioned here works with your body, your body is doing the work, and it’s not going to be nearly as intense as taking testosterone. 

However, if you combine all these things, doing the laptop factors, doing the peptides, doing the red light therapy, doing all that stuff, you will see a huge increase in testosterone.

So it’s required to pay attention to your body and see if you start getting any worse side effects. The most common side effect of people with very high levels of testosterone who are on TRT. 

They may get gynecomastia, which I may be seeing wrong, but pretty much where you start forming breast tissue because so much of that testosterone is starting to be converted to estrogen. 

So it’s required to be mindful of what you’re doing, and you can listen to your body. Because I’ve heard of people doing a too-high dose of kiss tap ten or too frequently and slowly start forming Gynomasca. 

So that’s something to be mindful of. And that’s also why I’m a big believer in taking breaks.

I believe to be the best peptides to help your body make more testosterone. Thank you for reading, and have an amazing day. Please put down your comment below.


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