5 foods cleanse your intestines after age 50

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By robb the singh

5 foods cleanse your intestines after age 50

A healthy  foods cleanse your intestines is key to strong immune system digestion and a good mood. But various intestinal disorders entail not unpleasant feelings in the abdomen but also becomes a problem for the whole body because it has long been proved that the intestine intestines are our actual second brain.

5 foods cleanse your intestines

So they affect our mood and world outlook. And statistics say that many people after 50 start having problems with their intestines. 

What is the key to a healthy bowel, and how can you solve the problem? 

We have collected all the  foods cleanse your intestines which are included in your diet after 50. 

Quite a large group and a large number of  foods cleanse your intestines can be included here. These are foods that are rich in valuable probiotics. 

These are the microorganisms that maintain a healthy balance in our gut. And fermented foods would include all fermented dairy products. 

For example,- yogurt. as I’ve said many times on this channel, it’s always better to buy natural yogurt ( foods cleanse your intestines) rather than the usual supermarket one. 

When buying yogurt from the supermarket that says natural on the package, we can’t be 100% sure that it is natural. So the best option is to make our yogurt at home.

The average adult has about 2 germs in the large intestine. That’s four and a half pounds. 

There might be some harmful pathogenic microbes that are dangerous and that lead to various digestive disorders.

But on the other hand, some microbes are useful and necessary for our life. For example, those that provide us with vitamins and synthesize vitamin K two, which is not easy to get from food. 

The fermentation of the microbiota that lives in our large intestine. In addition to fermented dairy products, fermented foods would also include.

For example-  Apple cider vinegar, miso soup, and sauerkraut. sauerkraut among fermented foods is perhaps the champion of health benefits. 

A small amount of sauerkraut is added to everyone’s diet. 

If you do not want to bother at all, you can buy sauerkraut in the store. The problem is that we may not know what preservatives were added to this product. 

Nevertheless, if you buy sauerkraut in the store, be sure to pay attention to its composition. it can also be called E 211. 

That is a preservative that is added to sauerkraut and which is a harmful, toxic, and carcinogenic substance.

That is why those manufacturers who add sodium benzoate to sauerkraut are doing bad things because they are producing a harmful product. So look at the label.

2- Fiber Food

fiber contains a lot of foods ( foods cleanse your intestines) that can be listed. These are vegetables, beets, carrots, and cabbage.

We chew it, it goes through our entire gastrointestinal tract, it reaches the intestine, and there it begins to ferment which is eaten by the local microflora.

So, even if fiber formally contains some calories, we will not get these calories because we cannot digest them.

They are digested exclusively by the microflora of the intestine. So that’s why fiber is useful because by consuming fiber.

We contribute to the growth and development of useful microflora. Of course, it is optimal to know the measure.

It is recommended to eat 30 grams of fiber every day. For a healthy adult, that’s 1oz.

3- legumes

Legumes are extremely beneficial because they also contain a lot of fiber  foods cleanse your intestines.
That would include beans, peas, and lentils. But according to the research, the best composition of fiber is in white beans.

It is recommended several portions of this product during the week. Also, a good plus is a fact that beans contain a good dose of calcium.

One cup in a white bean contains up to 200 milligrams of this valuable mineral. And calcium is good, not only for our bones but for our intestines as well.

4- Vitamin or mineral (Beans)

There was a large study where scientists were concerned about which vitamin or mineral helps prevent cancer.
The most obvious effect of the variety of vitamins and minerals was the effect of calcium, specifically for bowel cancer prevention.

So it’s found that if an adult consumes a sufficient dose of calcium, for an adult, it is 10 milligrams of calcium per day, then the likelihood of colon cancer is reduced by as much as half.

In addition, as we know very well, calcium is not only found in beans  foods cleanse your intestines, but also in dairy products, which I have also mentioned.

So everything fits together here. And which product to add to our daily diet becomes obvious.

5- Greens leaf vegetable

Many experts talk about the benefits of greens and their amazing effects on our whole body, our intestines in particular.
That would include spinach, celery, plantain, and arugula. The thing is, these kinds of greens are the perfect prebiotic.

Before we talked about probiotics. Probiotics are the bacteria themselves, which are good for our bodies, and prebiotics is the resources that feed those beneficial microbes.

So a healthy body, you need to consume both probiotics and prebiotics. So the perfect probiotic is fermented foods like sauerkraut.

A great source of prebiotics is greens in particular. So they’re great for promoting active peristalsis in our intestines, preventing constipation, literally clearing our intestines, and they also help reduce cholesterol.

So as you can see, the list is not very long, but each of these foods makes an amazing and invaluable contribution to the health of our intestines and our whole body.

By the way, post in the comments which of these  foods cleanse your intestines you eat, or maybe you know what else to recommend.

Tell me, it would be interesting. And now I highly recommend that you watch my other articles. In that article, I talked about foods to avoid after the age of 50.

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