Low carb recipes in ketosis diet for weight loss

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Low carb recipes in ketosis diet for weight loss

The keto or ketosis diet for weight loss is based on reducing carbohydrate intake as much as possible, enhancing fats and proteins to force the body to enter ketosis. Its practice can respond to various objectives, and among them may be weight loss, whose effectiveness demonstrated by various studies. To do this, always with the advice of a professional, we can incorporate recipes like these into our diet.

Low carb recipes in ketosis diet for weight loss

We emphasize the importance of having specialized help from professional nutritionists when pursuing specific goals in our diet or our health, especially following such restrictive or specific diets as ketogenic. Each person may have different needs, and immediate weight loss is not everything, bearing in mind that we do not want a effect or that our health suffers.

There are many common recipes that we can adapt to the keto diet, reducing or eliminating carbohydrates with different modifications. If we are not so strict and simply want to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates to help us lose weight ” ketosis diet for weight loss”, these ideas will be useful.

Appetizers, breakfasts, snacks

These recipes adapt to practically any time of the day.
We can consume them for breakfast or snack, mid-morning, as a complement to main meals, or between meals.

Cloud bread or cloud bread

With only three ingredients, based on eggs, cream cheese, and baking soda, it provides good proteins and fats without using any type of flour. To take as is, accompany meals or fill with some protein.

Keto waffles

The dough for these chaffless is prepared with eggs, cheese, and a pinch of groundnuts. Adding spices will give them more flavor.

Curried dry fruits

With the combination of nuts that we like the most and our favorite spices, we will have a delicious snack that is ideal to have on hand in the pantry.

Microwave fried almonds 

It’s not actually fried and cooked directly in the microwave with olive oil and is really rich, crispy, and tasty, with the minimum of fuss.

Roasted pumpkin seeds or pips 

Rich in fats, vitamins, and minerals, we can make them at home using the seeds of the pumpkins that we buy, so as not to waste anything.

Cloud Eggs 

Served with bacon, the secret of these eggs is cooking the whites and yolks separately, to play with the textures.

Mini keto muffins

In mini format an energetic snack to have on hand when we need it, easy to store and transport. We do without the blueberries without any problem to further reduce carbohydrates and add some extra seeds or chopped nuts.

Keto garlic bread 

Very energetic and easy to prepare, we can enhance the flavor of garlic according to our taste or tolerance.

2- Main meals for Lunch

Low carb recipes in ketosis diet for weight loss

Depending on the day and our needs, we will need more or less energetic dishes in the main meals. We must plan them based on the rest of our diet so as not to neglect all the nutrients, paying special attention to the contribution of vitamins and fiber.

Grilled or baked meat is the easiest option, but we have more ideas to give variety to lunches and dinners at home.

Wrap or egg white roll

it is filled with black beans, corn, and avocado, but we can use the same preparation of the roll to add the ingredients that best suit our state of ketosis.

Cauliflower pancakes

Cauliflower is a vegetable that normally has a place in the keto diet due to its high water and fiber content, and very low carbohydrates. It is combined with eggs and herbs to cook in the form of salty pancakes that are also very satiating and versatile.

Fluffy omelet

With an irresistible texture, the touch of butter increases the fat and nutrients in the dish, making it more satiating. We can increase the eggs per serving to make it a much more complete meal without having to resort to side dishes.

Scrambled eggs in water

A technique as surprising as it is effective and quick to cook easy and fluffy scrambled eggs.

Chicken burger

Served, obviously, without the vegetables, we can also substitute tomato paste for mayonnaise and use cream cheese instead of yogurt.

Turkey curry

To eat hot or in a salad, or use as a filling, in our keto diet we are interested in the combination of poultry meat with

Cheese and spices

You have to watch the carbohydrates in yogurt and evaporated milk, which we can do without, and use high-fat cream.

Keto chicken and avocado salad

Rich in protein and good quality fat, it is prepared with leftover roast chicken for a better flavor.

Fish in oil

When this delicious fish is in full season, it is worth preparing it in homemade olive oil. Essential to eat well in summer served fresh from the fridge.

Tuna burgers

We can make them with frozen fish and flavor them to taste.

Grilled mackerel

Another very cheap bluefish that comes out greatly grilled, in clean fillets, leaving the skin to cook first to be very crispy.

Greek baked mackerel

Another option to enjoy this fatty fish is using the oven, with a recipe in which we can do without the onion or just leave it to add flavor and juiciness. The olives enrich the dish by adding more healthy fats.

Cod with olive butter

Cod is a fish available all year round in convenient frozen formats, and this recipe is an explosion of flavor, so you don’t always eat it the same way.

3- Sweets and Desserts

Low carb recipes in ketosis diet for weight loss

Sugar, in all its forms (white, brown, panela, wholemeal, honey, syrups…) is prohibited on the keto diet. And sweets are limited in any healthy diet and more for weight loss, but that does not mean that we cannot treat ourselves occasionally.

Although resorting to sweeteners is something we usually resort to, we can use them on specific occasions. The most suitable keto desserts will be the creamy type, using an ingredient as versatile as avocado, which goes well with the purest chocolate. 100% full-fat coconut milk, as well as high-fat dairy products such as mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, or cream, are also good resources.

Keto microwave chocolate cupcakes

With peanut butter, pure cocoa, and avocado, they will please the most intense chocolate lovers. They can be cooked in the oven, and the sweet spot adjusted with a suitable sweetener.

Avocado truffles

An ideal sweet and energetic snack to take advantage of the ripest avocados in the pantry.

Chia, coconut, and dried fruit pudding

Without the dates, honey, raisins, and dehydrated coconut, and substituting natural cream cheese for yogurt, we will have a high-fat dessert that combines several textures.

Chia pudding, coffee, and chocolate

It is the same idea, sticking only with ingredients suitable for the keto diet, such as chia seeds, natural coffee, purest and sugar-free chocolate, and nuts.

Chocolate and almond nougat

We call it nougat at Christmas, but this chocolate version of the classic dessert can be eaten as a “chocolate bar” the rest of the year without anyone looking down on you. Good high-purity chocolate without sugar, almonds, roasted nut, and a little oil, is all you need to have a delicious and high-fat treat.

Vegan keto chocolate mousse

Only three ingredients and suitable for vegans, this delicious dessert is prepared with coconut milk and the sweetener that best suits us to give it a sweet touch.

Any dish can be healthy if we use quality ingredients, and the proof is this fitness sponge cake recipe that everyone can try at home ” ketosis diet for weight loss”.
Unlike other traditional recipes, it does not have added sugars and is rich in quality proteins as well as fiber, so it has high satiating power.
If we want more sweet flavor than offered by bananas and dates we can add stevia or another oven-safe sweetener.

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