Know about Vladislava Galagan and the controversial photo suit that made him a celebrity

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Know about Vladislava Galagan and the controversial photo suit that made him a celebrity

Viadislava Galagan is a well-known bodybuilder, athlete, Internet influencer, media personality, and social media celebrity from Temryuk, Russia (born in 1997; age: 26). She is most recognized in the nation for having an incredible figure. She put a lot of effort into getting the physique of her dreams. On her social media accounts, she posts images and videos of her workouts.

Vladislava Galagan

Who is Vladislava Galagan?

In October 2022, Galagan made news as her training and makeover video began to circulate online once more. After seeing her remarkable and inspirational transformation, people were astounded. She can accomplish a lot in her life with the help of her trainer’s dedication and inspiration.

She has participated in several bodybuilding competitions and posted images from those events on her social media accounts. She constantly attracted attention because of her distinctive lifestyle and sense of style.

Vladislava Galagan

Biography, School & Nationality

Fans gave her the infamous moniker “She-Hulk.” She was reportedly born in the Russian city of Temryuk in 1997, per the sources. Due to her occupation, she divides her time between Germany and Prague, Czech Republic. She’s 25 years old (as of 2022). She also belongs to the Russian nationality. She never provided any information about her date of birth on Instagram.

Vladislava Galagan

She studied fine arts at the City Art Academy in Moscow from 2010 to 2013, according to her LinkedIn page. She then enrolled at the American University in Bulgaria, where she earned her degree in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. She also pursued postgraduate studies at the University of New York in Prague, SUNY Empire State College, and the International Centre of Modern Education.

Vladislava Galagan Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Vladislava Galagan

In an interview, the well-known “She-Hulk” revealed facts about her family. She enjoys a tight relationship with her parents, especially her father. She admitted that her family did not encourage her in her interest in bodybuilding. She hardly sees her father and only communicates with him sometimes. Her parents’ names and other details are unknown at this time.

Also, she never shared any photos of herself with her parents on social media. She has also avoided disclosing information about her sisters and brothers to the public. She does, however, have Russian nationality and is of mixed racial and ethnic heritage.

Personal Information

Vladislava Galagan

Vladislava Galagan Husband, Boyfriend, and Relationships

Galagan is a lovely and gifted young lady. She works really hard and spends most of her time working on her physique. Many of her supporters are curious about her personal life. She spends a lot of time with her friends and other bodybuilders, let me make that clear.

Vladislava Galagan

Bodybuilding Career & Competitions

Vladislava Galagan held a variety of jobs before devoting her whole attention to bodybuilding. She spent five months in 2015 working as the head banquet waiter at Restaurant Beluga, according to her LinkedIn profile. Let me tell you that she also works as a private tutor, instructing Russian-speaking people in English. She reportedly participated in the race and was an athlete.

Vladislava Galagan

The first time, she contested in running, she was not prepared and was unable to win that as well. The following year, she came back with complete training and won the game. Afterward, she got fascinated with workouts and exercise. Let me inform you

that she contested in the EVLS Prague Showdown 2018 and secured 2nd place. She has uploaded numerous images of her competitions via her social media.

Vladislava Galagan

She competed in running for the first time, but she was unprepared and lost that as well. The next year, she returned well-prepared and won the contest. Following that, she became obsessed with exercise and exercises. She competed in the 2018 EVLS Prague Showdown, where she finished in second place. On her social media, she has posted a lot of pictures from her competitions.

Vladislava Galagan

Diet – While discussing her diet strategy, she prefers to eat more carbohydrates. She admitted in an interview that when she’s not training for contests, she eats chips and chocolate. She prepares a substantial breakfast that is high in protein. She eats a variety of foods, including rice, eggs, whole-grain pasta, red meat, sweet potatoes, and a lot of vegetables.

Physical Mesarment

Vladislava Galagan


This is the Controversial pick that has made her a lot of headlines, her fans had also appreciated a lot, through this pick she had set her goal, and some people also see her as the best female bodybuilder to come in the future.

Vladislava Galagan Net worth & Lifestyle

This well-known bodybuilder and her family are living a high life. She resides in a lovely home and constantly keeps it adorned. She often drives costly automobiles and posts pictures of them on social media. She earns money in a variety of ways, including bodybuilding, competing, on YouTube, training, and more. His full net worth is not yet available.

Vladislava Galagan

Facts About Vladislava Galagan

  • Vladislava has told her admirers about her makeover process.
  • She also has a profile on the OnlyFans website, where access to her exclusive content is available for a small cost.
  • Her TOEFL ITP test result was 587 out of 677, which she finished. Galagan wins the 2018 Diamond Cup Malta competition.

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