Benefits to know about glutamine for bodybuilding

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By robb the singh

Benefits to know about glutamine for bodybuilding

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid very abundant in the muscles of the human body which mainly allows constitution proteins.

This popular supplement in the field of bodybuilding will, during physical stress (such as during training), increase the volume of cells and therefore promote the formation of proteins and glycogen.

know about glutamine and bodybuilding

Glutamine is ideal for promoting increased muscle mass, improving recovery, increasing performance, helping protein synthesis, and protecting our immunity and intestinal walls. In short, Glutamine is an essential supplement.

1- Increase in muscle mass

Glutamine as a nitrogen provider prevents the catabolic effect (leakage of muscle proteins) following very intensive training and a restrictive diet.

It is not only anti-catabolic but also anabolic indeed it has been shown that a dose of 7g taken immediately after training promotes the secretion of growth hormone. This same hormone is also a valuable ally for burning stored fat.

If you are destroying less muscle and producing slightly more, the balance is clearly in favor of an increase in lean muscle mass.

2- Promotes recovery

Muscles are made up of 60% glutamine that’s incredible.

Bodybuilding requires a great effort from the muscles which can strongly degrade the muscular tissues, and the amino acids present there. And glutamine can be affected by the intensity of training.

Recovery allows the reconstitution of muscle tissue thanks to glycogen reserves. Knowing that glutamine increases glycogen stores, it has a key role in muscle recovery.

3- Performance increase

Glutamine is involved in the elimination of ammonia produced by the contraction of muscle fibers and thus reduces the production of lactic acid responsible for muscle fatigue and aches.
Allow you to repel muscle failure and recover better Taking glutamine before physical exertion.

4- Glutamine strengthens the immune system

Essential for cell division, it allows the multiplication of white blood cells (generation of cysteinyl-leukotrienes and restoration of leukocytes) thus allowing the body to better defend against viral and microbial attacks.

The benefit for your muscle is this time indirect because if you are not sick, you will not lose your muscle mass.

5- Protects the intestinal walls

Note in this respect that the intestine is the place of assimilation of proteins, that the more you assimilate the proteins, the more your muscles will be supplied with construction material and will grow!

No toxicity even at high doses has been recorded: studies carried out on the possible harmful consequences of excessive absorption of glutamine remain to date without conclusive results.

Thus its consumption is supposed to be healthy because it’s used to fill the reserves of amino acids that a session of physical exercise could have emptied.

That is why it is prescribed to people who are fasting or suffering from physical trauma, a weak immune system, or even cancer.

How to take it?

We advise you to take 1 dose (i.e. 3000 mg of L-glutamine) after training or at bedtime on your rest days.

This amino acid is a non-toxic natural substance, however, it is recommended not to exceed the recommended doses to avoid intolerance.


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