Amazing ways to Gain Weight And Build Lean Muscle

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Amazing ways to Gain Weight And Build Lean Muscle

Are you tired of being skinny or underweight? Do you want to gain weight and build muscle at the same time? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place.

We will break down this article into the components. One will target your nutrition, and the other one your workouts.
Let’s continue with the first part, which will target your nutrition at the most basic level. Weight gain and weight loss are calorie games.

Amazing ways to Gain Weight And Build Lean Muscle

If you have trouble gaining weight you’re not eating enough. And yes, I know that this might sound self-explanatory and frustrating.

Just give me a few seconds so I can explain everything in detail. If you aren’t eating enough calories to gain weight, it doesn’t matter what and how often you eat, which means that it is really important for you to track all of your daily calorie intakes alongside the ones you burn here.

1- Genetics

It is required to mention that everyone has different genetics. Some people can gain weight by consuming 30 calories a day.

Others can’t gain it even if they consume 60 calories. It just depends on the person and their metabolism.

Your daily activity plays a big role as well. Yesterday, I got approached by a client who told me that consuming 4000 calories a day and still can’t gain any weight.

I told him to make a list of all the meals he was eating daily. After I calculated his calories, both of us saw that the total calories he was consuming were only 2300 rather than the 4000 he claimed to be eating.

2- Track Calories

It is important to track your calories and macros correctly during the day.

There are thousands of ways for you to do that. I recommend you to use the app MyFitnessPal. If you’re not gaining weight on the calories you consume, just increase the intake by 300 to 500 calories and see if you start gaining weight.

If you don’t gain weight on these extra 300 to 500 calories, increase them again until you see results.

Make sure that you measure your weight every week so you can track your progress. If you provide your body with enough nutrients and enough calories, you will gain weight for a lot of the hard gainers.

Eating so many calories can be difficult. The best tip here is to split your food into small portions during the whole day. It will be a lot easier for you to eat.

Even if you don’t have an appetite, make sure you pre-plan your meals the previous day, so you don’t miss your calorie goal.

3- How to fulfill calories

If you’re traveling, working, or going to school, always bring some meals with you. Dedication is the key to success.

The amount of food required factor in helping you gain weight, but the quality of your calories is also worth paying attention to.

Instead, whatever you want to eat in meals, and aim to eat clean more healthy foods and ingredients.

The goal is to build a lean and muscular body. Don’t get into the trap. You will eat a lot of junk food, and after gaining weight, you will clean your diet.

For those who don’t have an appetite, A good idea is to implement a lot of smoothies and shakes.

4- Drink water

We can give not drink water when you’re eating. That will only lower your appetite without actually giving any calories to your body. 

After your meals, you can drink as much water as you want. It’s hard to give a list of foods that will apply to everyone because all have different preferences. But still, I want to give some recommendations that help a lot. 

For example- Good options for hard gainers can be pasta. Dried fruit avocados. Nuts and seeds granola oatmeal. Protein bars, smoothies rice. Potatoes. Butter. Peanut butter salmon or tuna white bread dark chocolate. Cheese. Eggs. Yogurt. 

5- Choose High calories food sources

Different healthy sources of red meat high-calorie fruits, honey, and olive oil, and you can find a detailed list of foods that we recommend to be consumed. as well as a full nutrition system on our website biggrow. in

The link to the blog is given below in the related post.

6- Workout Routine

The last thing I want to mention before continuing with the workout component is to make sure you are consuming protein in every meal you take.

In addition, high protein intakes may also support less fat gain during a calorie surplus, making it a lean, bulk essential.

A pro tip I can give is to add protein powder to your foods like oatmeal, mashed potatoes, baked goods, pancakes, shakes, or even a glass of milk.

Increasing the daily intake of this macro will help you build lean muscle mass. After you know the main things regarding your nutrition, it is time to talk about your workouts.

Overall, our goal is to build a lean, muscular body. Hypertrophy training will help you achieve that. In simple terms, hypertrophy is the breakdown of muscle fibers.

Bonus Tips

Besides this, start doing testosterone-building exercises like specific compound movements. Doing compound exercises will help you build more testosterone because you’re using more muscle fiber when you’re working out.

Another thing that you need to take into consideration is switching up your training style or workout program. I do different exercises every day.

This way my body doesn’t adapt to a certain movement and I am challenging myself every time. Make sure to track your rest time between every set and don’t get distracted on your phone or talking with your friends while working out.

Taking a big rest between sets will change the whole trajectory of your workout. Be focused all the time and don’t get distracted.

Also, make sure that you are recovering correctly after every workout. Your sleep is really important as well as your rest days.

If you don’t give your body time to recover, you only slow down your results. You can do everything right, but if you neglect your recovery, you will never build muscle.

The last thing I want to bring attention to is going hard in your workouts. Don’t just jump on the pull-up bar for a few quick reps.

Instead, activate your muscles by squeezing them. Make sure that you are always mentally focused on every movement you’re doing.

Always squeeze so you can activate your muscles because you can be doing the movement, but not activating your muscles to their full potential.

By squeezing, you’ll be able to develop a good form without shaking and this will make you a lot stronger.

If you want to start or improve your physical and mental transformation, you can visit our website, biggrow. in.

There you can get access to all of our workout and nutrition programs. You can find more detailed information. I hope that you enjoyed the article. Make sure to comment below on what you want to see from us next.


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