5 best effective exercises and diet for abs| diet for abs

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5 best effective exercises and diet for abs| diet for abs in 2 weeks

Today there is a lot of hype about making abs in 2021, every other person is making abs, but the few beginners don’t know how they choose the right or simple exercise for abs.

now I am here to represent you some effective abs exercise with a proper diet plan with less time execution

make abs 11 productive exercise choose effective exercise and diet to make abs within 25 minutes for Beginners

list of explanation 

  1. best exercises for abs
  2. choose the fruitful diet plan 

so let’s get started explaining these points

1-5 best exercises for abs

1.1-Laying leg exercise

  1. Maintain gap from floor around 6 inch
  2. Moving slow
  3. Breath out from Mouth
  4. Keep tight your stomach
  • No of repetition- 20
  • Sets- 3

1.2- Flutter Kicks

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  1.  Not hold your breath
  2. Take your feet down slowly
  3. Tight your core section 
  4. keep your head up
  • No of repetition- 20
  • Sets- 3

3- Seated V up

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  1. Keep your toes outside
  2. Squeeze your abs muscle when your knees come to your chest 
  3. keep away your knees as much you can 
  4. Breath out when your knees coming to tour chest
  • No of repetition- 15
  • Sets- 3

4- Russian Twists

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  1. first lift and straight your legs
  2. Twist yourself left and right 
  3. Touch your both hand on the floor 
  4. Strain your oblique muscle during a twist 
  5. Breath out per Twist
  6. Control your movement for safety purpose of back pain
  • No of repetition- 20
  • Sets- 3

5- Planks

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  1.  Hold your body parallel on toes and hands
  2. Beneficial for lower back pain also
  3. Don’t move your upper body 
  4. Breathing normally 
  5. Tight your core point
  • Hold for 30 to 45 sec
  • Sets- 4

2-Choose diet for abs in 2 weeks

if you want to get six-packs of abs, switching to follow the crucial diet plan and trying to follow calories deficit meconium means eat less from the burning calories, maintain 250 calories deficit in your diet

Features of essential diet plan

  • A diet that boosts your metabolism
  • Enhance fat burning
  • keep you full between meals
  • get more fiber 
  • low fat contain
  • Have maximum protein, recommend 2.5 g per kg from your body weight Example- if your weight 70 kg when you need 175 g protein per day
choose fruitful diet for abs

Food to Avoid

  • Sugar drink like coke, juice, soda, sports drink
  • Fried Food
  • Beer And Alcohal
  • Surgery Snacks like cookies, cake, candies
  • Refine Grain like rice, bread, pasta, fast food

Bonus Tips

3-How to pick the unchallenged cardio exercise

You must have often seen that athletes never depend on a diet yet but remain lean all year because their activity level is very high, due to which they burn a lot of calories.
We also have to do a little cardio exercise daily to increase our activity level, when we can keep ourselves lean by burning calories.
now we will discuss 3type of activity level

  1. low-intensity 
  2. moderate-intensity 
  3. High-intensity 

In three of these, low-intensity cardio is the safe option for beginners.

NOTE– Weight training exercises are necessary if you want to look lean with muscular low-intensity cardio and high and moderate put negative impact on your weight training

we will recommend you to do 15 mint cardio per day before pre-workout and post-workout, and that will give you remarkable result

Too many ways to do cardio

3.1-  Walk 10000 steps per day 

walk 10000 steps burn calories help to makes abs

Because it’s an easy and safe method to burn calories, I’ll give you three tips to maintain your 10000 steps

  • Whenever you talk on the phone, try to talk while walking
  • Use stairs instead of a lift
  • Try cycling or walking to get around your home

3.2- Zumba 

Zumba is a kind of dance form that helps you burn calories along with entertainment, Today many people are using this technique    Benefits
  • All bodywork as well
  • Easy to follow all steps 
  • easy to warm up
  • Also helps the muscle to lean

3.3- Swimming

You must have seen swimmers. Their muscle is lean as well as body is the least fat that’s the reason swimming is an easy and effective cardio 


  •  Burn more calorie in a short period
  • work all body part as well
  • also helps in making abs

3.4- Playing your favourite sports

playing your favourite sports for cardio

You can also burn fat by engaging yourself with your favorite sport, as it includes all exercises like walking, running, jumping, etc.
Which sports are beneficial for you

Playing your favourite sport for cardio


All of the above information is for beginners for that reason I have followed 5 best exercises for abs exercises and diet plans for the beginners so that you can easily create your abs and upgrade your exercise level later. You can also prepare a base for the next level exercise
The huge advantage is that you can do all these exercises at home too.

If you want me to publicize the next level best exercises for abs, please post your comment below


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