3 Nutrients help for energy boosting and keep you active

3 such nutrients, which you will take regularly in the form of food, natural drink or supplement (Food, Natural Drinks or Supplements) then your energy level will be high.


Vitamin B Complex

These vitamins help the body convert food into energy. In addition, group B makes red blood cells, which are used to carry oxygen throughout the body.


1. Eggs 2. spinach 3. Milk 4. Fish 5. Chicken

Vitamin D plays a required role in absorbing calcium and maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Vitamin D


1. Fatty Fish 2. Eggs Yoke 3. milk 4. Yogurt 5. Tofu 6. Orange juice



Dietry Iron

Iron is essential for growth and development, especially in children and adolescents.


Non-heme iron can be found in meat, rice, oats, wheat, lentils, spinach, and white beans.

3 Nutrients help for energy boosting ” and vitamins are necessary to take in the diet to increase mina and endurance.


Taking too much vitamin D can cause problems. Its overdose can damage the kidneys and heart valves.