The story of a technician fired from Tesla who leaked confidential data and would make for a TV series

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The story of a technician fired from Tesla who leaked confidential data and would make for a TV series

The story you will read in the New York Times makes for a series on Netflix. Lukasz Krupski was employed by Tesla until 2022 when he was fired for misconduct.

It may seem like another dismissal case up to this point. But no. To understand everything, we must go back to March 2019, when a team of Tesla technicians prepared to deliver several units to customers in Norway.

At that moment, a fire broke out in a charging device modified by another employee in a somewhat dangerous way: Krupski, a Pole by birth, used his bare hands to remove the charger from under a Model 3 and the melting cables. , suffering serious burns.

A true hero in the brand, to the point of receiving an email from Elon Musk himself: “Congratulations for saving the day!” Our protagonist took the opportunity to continue exchanging emails with the brand’s CEO to tell him about the safety problems that he had noticed in Norway, with flammable materials lying around without fire extinguishers…

“Okay, let me know if there’s anything we still need to do,” Musk replied. Afterward, Krupski’s colleagues and direct bosses began to take a dim view of those messages and the security concerns he showed. “Harassed and threatened,” he says in an interview for the NYT. Another employee even threatened to stab him in the back with a screwdriver!

Krupski returns it to Tesla and how

In 2022, Lukasz Krupski, a former hero at Tesla, was fired and accused of negatively influencing colleagues, poor management, and taking photographs at the facilities, which is prohibited.

According to Krupski, he was using a table to lower a battery pack with a weight limit lower than the actual weight of the batteries, endangering the safety of the workers; however, what he did next crossed the line to the point where he faced potential lawsuits from Tesla.

Our protagonist, neither quick nor lazy, frustrated by the situation generated, began to leak a large amount of internal data to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, including confidential data of Tesla personnel, sensitive information about the brand’s problems with the software Autopilot and the difficulties in carrying out the Cybertruck project, which is several years behind schedule.

Krupski has even been interviewed by the NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States) regarding the investigation into the Autopilot system. Meanwhile, the Data Protection Authority of the Netherlands, where Tesla has its European headquarters, is also investigating whether privacy laws were violated.

For his part, the Pole intends to sue Tesla for compensation, but he cannot afford a lawyer to defend him. It must be remembered that in the United States, another former worker angry with Tesla sued the brand in a federal court in California for similar reasons. His lawyers are waiting for a judge’s approval to bring the case as a class action lawsuit on behalf of thousands of the brand’s employees.

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