get big forearms


The forearm is an integral part of our body, whose muscle is required to train because trained forearms make you attractive.

We will cover 5 exercises in this article and divide them into 3 groups. Covering 2 exercises in each group will perform in supersets.

5 exercises

1- Behind the back wrist curl

Method – Holding the bar from behind, curl the wrist as much as possible. – Release by holding for 3 to 5 seconds. – After releasing, keep the bar hold on the finger. That will put a load on your forearms. – Take the grip from the back and curl the wrist. – Perform 20 to 25 wraps.

2- Reverse curl

we have to take the help of the bar. Lift the bar and make sure the position of the grip is slightly inwards from the solder.

Method – Tighten the core. – Do not move the elbow. – Lift the bar maximum to the solder. – Use forearms to lift. – Breathe out while lifting. – 3 sets of 12 reps

It is an interesting exercise and you can order it online as well Method – Straighten the arms and roll them up. – Breath normal. – Do not keep too much weight. – towards the bottom. – Keep the speed normal – 3 sets up to failure.

Wrist roller


Method – Make a grip on the dumble and hang. – Reverse curl the dumble that’s squeezed your forearms. – Use lightweight. – Hit the muscle more than you can. – 3 sets of 20 to 25 reps

Reverse wrist curl


5- Forearms Squeeze

– use a squeegee ball or lock. – Lock or squeeze the ball with all your strength. – Perform it with both your hands. – 2 sets up to failure