Which foods make you look older

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By robb the singh

Which foods make you look older

None of us wants to look older than we are, and this is especially true after the age of 50. But there are things we can control and influence. Some foods make you look older much faster, and the skin and internal organs are aging. 

In this article, I’ve gathered the foods eliminated from our diet. So read till the end of the article. 

Which foods make you look older

French fries

  • The first food is French fries, chips, or anything cooked in a deep fryer if the oil was not changed for a long time. 
  • If we buy French fries or some chips, we can be sure that used many times. That would be too wasteful for these fast food places and manufacturers. 
  • Excessive heat treatment of the same oil produces an inordinate amount of trans fats, glycidyl, esters, and free radicals. 
  • As a result, this trio affects our molecules at the DNA level, which is destructive to our skin. 
  • Among other things, French fries and chips contain an enormous amount of salt, which is damaging to our skin and causes it to age prematurely.
  • Because of excessive salt consumption, our skin is covered with wrinkles much earlier. 


It’s impossible not to talk about it in this article “foods make you look older”. And white refined sugar is one of those products that causes the biggest and most obvious problems. 

It contributes to the formation of glycation and products, which destroys collagen in our bodies. if we consume too much sugar, our aging process is accelerated.

Trans fats and margarine

I decided to lump them together. There have even been separate studies that show people who consume large amounts of margarine have more wrinkles. 

  • Margarine is much worse than regular butter because margarine is hydrogenated oil. 
  • Everyone talks about the harm of trans fats. They are highly destructive to our bodies. They cause cardiovascular disease and obesity. 
  • They are deposited in the body and remain in the body for 50 days. And trans fats also provoke cancer. 
  • There is another bad combination. It is trans fats together with sugar. 

Why is a burger considered unhealthy foods make you look older

There will be a fair share of trans fats in glycidyl, and esters, and all in all, in addition to being carcinogenic and harmful to the cardiovascular system. 

It will cause premature aging and consume trans fats to make our skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. 

We know that too much sun is not good for our skin. But if we consume trans fats, the harm is greatly increased. 

So lying on the beach and eating delicious ice cream is a great form of leisure time to either give up the ice cream or at least get some shade.

White bread

It’s all about the fact that when refined sugars are combined with protein glycation, end products are formed, and these substances will accelerate the aging process and aggravate chronic diseases. 

  • They are used to eating white bread. There are three white deaths like salt, white refined sugar, and flour. 
  • If you like bread, there is good news. You can replace it with sprouted grain bread. That is the kind of bread had no added sugar and contains antioxidants that are good for our bodies. 

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-bread. I’m anti-bread with added sugar.

Dairy products

The debate does not cease. Some studies show their absolute safety, or on the contrary, the benefits for our bodies. 

Other studies recommend limiting dairy products also on the level of personal experience. 

  • Some people give up dairy products and experience a lot of positive effects. They may have. Some chronic illnesses go away. 
  • Their skin can start to look healthier and more youthful in just a couple of weeks. But some people who give up dairy don’t have any positive changes. 
  • So there is a complicated thing here. People’s personal experiences are very contradictory and experts are as well. 
  • Nevertheless, it makes sense to try. Maybe you will be among those for whom the body will respond well in the end. 
  • We are all very individual. But they produce milk on an industrial scale, 75% of the cows are pregnant.

That’s not very good because a pregnant cow releases estrogen in the milk. It is not for people to consume such milk, and don’t think that you can buy some quality milk it won’t have estrogen in it. 

Several cows are on the farm, and all of their milk is then poured into one container gets mixed. 

So almost all of the milk in the bags in the supermarket will be estrogenic. there is a recommendation to consume fermented dairy products because of this negative factor. 

Plant-Based Milk is the best alternative of dairy product

  • It’s considered a healthier alternative. Of course, it’s not milk, because plants don’t give milk. Mammalian animals do. 
  • It tastes even better sometimes. There’s rice milk, almond milk, and soy milk. I like to add hazelnut milk to my coffee, for example. 
  • So We recommend giving it a try. By the way, write in the comments which of these you eat or which of these do you not eat on principle. 

Share your experiences and opinions. It will be interesting. I highly recommend that you watch my other article where I talk about healthy foods for the kidneys. 

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