What herb can cure high blood pressure

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By robb the singh

What herb can cure high blood pressure

We like to share with you the name of some of the vitamins, minerals, and name of herbal medicines that helps awesome in controlling our blood pressure. 

Today we don’t need modern medicine or chemical medicines to control and cure high blood pressure. I think herbal medicines are enough. 

That herb for ten years in my practice and get awesome results. We hope this article will be helpful for you also.

herb can cure high blood pressure

1- Vitamin D 3

If a person comes to me for consultation for high blood pressure, I ask for vitamin D 3 analysis. 


We have seen all or you could say a maximum of the people who come with a complaint of high blood pressure, all have less level of Vitamin D.3. 

  • It is named a vitamin, but it works as a hormone and maintains the elasticity of our arteries.  
  • We’ll have good elasticity in our arteries, then only our blood pressure will be in control. If arteries are hard then our blood pressure is going to spike. 
  • The blood flows from the arteries. Arteries are like pipes, and blood is flowing. So for this vitamin D3 is essential. 
  • Also, vitamin D3 will help to maintain the healthy inner layer of our arteries. So for all these reasons we need vitamin D three. 
  • Vitamin D three will also hype your mood, you’ll be happier. And for that reason also we need vitamin D3. 

If you are not happy, sad, or depressed, then this will also spike your blood pressure. So vitamin D3 is important.

2- Potassium 

Potassium is also important for healthy arteries and for lowering and cure high blood pressure. 

We have seen that people who suffer from high blood pressure, are depleted in potatoes. 

So that’s why a person suffering from high blood pressure, needs a potato. Potato you can get from just vegetables.

Eat more vegetables, and this will give you more potato roughish. All good stuff, vitamins, minerals, and help you to be healthy. 

If you get gas Bloating because of eating lots of vegetables, then I have lots of videos on how to use apple cider vinegar. 

3- Herb

What I have seen in my practice is the use of Mukta Vati. Just search for this name on the internet.

Two tablets two times a day on an empty stomach works well. For some people, it’s too much. Then the dose to one tablet two times a day. Empty stomach. 

For some people who are suffering from high blood pressure for a long time and are on classical medicine for a long time means modern medicine for a long time. 

For those people, even I start with two tablets three times a day, on an empty stomach for a month, and reduce the doses.

That is what the patients have to do. They have to measure their blood pressure every single day. 

And they have to write the time and the blood pressure maybe two times a day, maybe three times a day. 

Maybe this is not helping. don’t risk your life. Muktavati works awesome. Another ayurvedic medicine that can help is Cardi Map. Cardi Map.

A person who is having normal blood pressure, their blood pressure lowered by using these herbal medicines. 

They are so strong, so use them properly. Better to concern Arya Vedic doctors. Nowadays, Aryaidic doctors are easy to find. 

They can help you go for a consultation. Ask them, and they will suggest you. 

If their medicine is not suiting you, then you can ask them about Mukhtavati or Cardi Map and you will see good results.

Because treating without concern, it’s not so healthy in general. I want to give you information that herbs work awesome.

In today’s world, I don’t think we need chemical medicines to decrease blood pressure. I hope this article will be helpful for you and your near once more. The most important is to smile.

A smile will lower your stress. If you lower the level of stress, then your body will perform better, and your blood pressure will not spike so often. Smile more. Stay happy, stay healthy.


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