Science-based Ways to Improve

 Gut Bacteria

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To keep our digestive system strong and healthy, it is necessary to have bacteria. Many types of bacteria protect the intestines from infection.


You will learn ways in which you can improve your gut bacteria.

1- Eat a diverse range of foods

This type of food like garlic, onions, leeks,  contains a diverse microbiome that maintains your intestinal health.

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2- Eat vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruit

This type of food is high in fiber, which encourages the gut bacteria. You can eat green peas, broccoli, chickpeas, lentils, beans, whole grains.

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3- Eat fermented foods

Fermented food such as yogurt, soy milk, etc. helps in the growth of bacteria and also improves the function of the intestines.

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4- Eat prebiotic foods

Prebiotics food increase the gut bacteria and also reduce insulin, cholesterol and obesity.

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5- Eat a plant-based diet

Plant-based foods are rich in minerals and nutrients that can reduce harmful strains and support gut health.

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6- Eat foods rich in polyphenols

It is a plant-based compound that increases Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the body. You can consume dark chocolate, green tea, red wine, broccoli and blueberries.

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7- Eat green salad

A good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber are found in green salad, which increase your gut bacteria and help in keeping your stomach clean.

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