Untold truth behind side effects of whey protein 2021

Untold truth behind side effects of whey protein 2021

Today we will only talk about side effects of whey protein supplements because they are very popular and most commonly used.

Since childhood, we have all been told that health is very important, but today’s time has changed a bit, we all need to be fit along with health.

To stay fit, we go to the gym, but with this, It has also become a profession for many people we not only go to the gym but also want a muscular body, and for all, we will get protein supplements, steroids. 

We Know Whey Supplements Good For Health But "I Have A Doubts ?"

whey protein isolate side effects

We will know about this today, I did a lot of research on this and saw that many people have different views on this topic. 

some peoples believe it is good for health and they also believe that it has no side effect and some believe it to be the opposite.

Let us know how much truth is there in all this, I would like to tell you my own experience.

we are trying to explain with infographics of side effects.

6 main issues explain with whey protein supplements


No need to tell you what whey protein is, Yes, you all must know about that. I will only share my experience with you, which I used.

However, if you want to use whey protein then it is not enough as much as you know. I will discuss all of you at every single point and ask all of you openly in the last one

1- Digestive Problem


Discussing with doctors, nutrition, and reading more blogs, etc.

Lactose is the most important feature, and people with lactose intolerance are unable to produce the enzyme lactose, which makes their body inaccessible to digest lactose.

But here a question arises that if you tell us why this happens, then there must be a diagnosis if someone’s metabolism is not the same.

 Answer is yes, there is a diagnosis.

Diagnosis Of The Lactose Intolerance

According to doctors, more people use Whey Protein Concentrate for the first time, and more than 78% of people in the world are affected by Lactose Intolerance.

Whey protein concentrate contains more lactose than both whey proteins, due to which the digestive related problem comes in the first time. 

side effects of whey protein graph of lactose intolerance

If you feel uncomfortable after using whey protein concentrate then you can use whey protein isolate, Whey protein hydrolysate, or non-dairy powder

Whey protein isolate or whey protein hydrolyses is more refined, which has a lot of protein and less amount of lactoce in it and people can use safely.

2- Allergies


 From my experience, whatever I have seen, I think someone will be allergic to protein.

Because I would like to tell you that even when I did not use protein, I still had a problem with rashes, I do not know how it happened, after some time it got right on its own.

When I started going to the gym, I heard about whey protein and started using it. Today it has been three years, I do not have any problem like rashes(no side effect of whey protein).

 I have more friends, they also use protein. They also do not have such an issue.

Some experts say that such things are caused by cow’s milk or those who are allergic to cow’s milk.

soyabean, nutrition & high protein

However, if anyone has time for this, then it is right for them to use non-dairy products like soybean, egg, rich, and high protein.

If you are still unsure, then you should consult a doctor.

3- Constipation and Nutritional deficiencies


from my point of view, this problem has nothing to do with the whey protein.

First of all, we have to know what it is like, and then  all doubts will be erased.

If you have constipation and you are thinking that you are getting all this from the use of whey protein,  so please forgive me you are wrong.

Before thinking about what you are taking in the diet.

However, if you mark my words, “then you do not take your protein, you can continue your meal then you will feel that what is wrong or right”

By the way, I have experienced all this myself than sharing all this with you

Nutrients are most important for everybody, so we get the most from fruits and vegetables, which is necessary for our best health.

From my point of view, this side effect of this protein is absolute nonsense.

You should not pay much attention to it

4- Kidneys deficiencies

We all know that protein is most important to keep your body healthy, so far as of this why we use it more in meal and bodybuilding.

The best source of protein is supposed to be the whey protein supplements from which built are muscles.

But Some people believe that when they use a high amount of protein, it causes more pressure inside kidneys and causes them to filter more blood than usual, which damages the kidney.

But my experience on this, that’s all nonsense, which supposes that using too much protein causes kidney damage.

Using more protein does not mean that it is harmful to the kidneys

reactions of whey protein on kidneys

Neither, there is no evidence that the use of more protein can cause problems in the kidneys.

After much research, it had to condemn and concluded that there is no point in restricting the intake of whey protein in healthy people.

There is evidence in research that if a person already has a problem with the kidney and is using a high  whey protein  may further damage the kidney. 

If Your kidney is in good condition, everything is right, after you can use whey protein. there is no side effect of whey protein supplements.

NOTE — But for those who feel that they have any problem, it would be better if you consult a doctor before using whey protein.

5- Liver Damage

side effects of whey protein on liver

Some time ago, a case report came out that a 27-year-old person had a liver problem due to taking protein.

Although he used to take several different supplements, doctors were also unsure that he was taking anabolic steroids, which resulted in damage to the liver.

In This case, insufficient evidence to prove that whey protein is causing liver damage.

However, doctors also advise that people who have liver problems like chronic and chlorosis will have issues with taking high protein.

In chlorosis, liver functions do not work well, so taking high protein increases the level of ammonia in the blood, which damages the brain tissue

side effect of whey protein
Benefits Of Whey Protein Supplements To Improve Liver Function

The healthy liver detoxifies harmful substances in the blood like ammonia

Although The liver needs protein to function well as the whey protein improves the functioning of the liver and converts fat into lipoproteins.

 which are molecules that help remove fat from the liver.

Rather than, after research, they said that if we take 40 grams of protein daily, then 21% fat can remove from the liver in a week.

Well, My point of view “after my experience, research, and sources, I condemn that the whey protein damages the liver functions”!

Note- Still, you suspect that you have or may have a problem in the liver, then seek medical advice and then start taking protein

6- osteoporosis

side effect of osteoporosis

Some people believe that calcium is deficient in bones due to over-use of proteins, due to which there may be a risk of osteoporosis.

How and whose study came from this idea.

no one knows too many people believe this rumors to be correct because they feel that urine becomes more acidic by using high protein than our body starts releasing calcium detoxify the effect of acid..

I did a lot of study and research on this, I could not find any better evidence of this to using the whey protein for a long time, neither people I advised did not have any problem till now.

I would say all these are rumors or nonsense

However, new research has revealed that the body fulfills calcium deficiency when we use more protein.

Furthermore, the study also showed that the elderly have more problems with osteoporosis fact is whey protein is more useful to keep their bones healthy.

Note-From the whole conclusion, there is no evidence to prove whey protein causes osteoporosis. 

In fact, with high whey protein keep our bones remain strong and healthy.


that’s it……

What’s the another side effects of whey protein that you know and not in this article?

By commenting below………..
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