Tips to get rid from poor digestion and gas problem

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Tips to get rid from poor digestion and gas problem

Many people today are struggling with the problem of poor digestion and gas, the main reason behind deterioration of your digestive system, if it is not taken care of, it can cause many diseases.

Poor digestion and gas are directly related to the digestive system, if you want to get rid of these problems, then improve your digestive system.

Tips to get rid from poor digestion and gas

The digestive system plays a major role in the absorption of nutrients. it is necessary for all fitness goals like muscle building, weight gain, weight loss, etc.

This article would help you know better about how to get rid of poor digestion and gas problems.

1- Causes of poor digestion and gas

We all have some habits that we are unaware of, but these habits damage the digestion system. Let’s discuss a few worst habits one by one.

1.1- Not chewing properly

When we did not chew properly, then the system does not produce enough enzymes to digest food properly. 

The lack of enzymes causes a heavy load on the digestive system. At the same time, it is not able to absorb the nutrients.

That’s why you must chew 32 times before swallowing the food.

1.2- Taking a bath after the meal

Some people go to a bath immediately after eating in a hurry, never do this.

A lot of energy is required to digest food, due to which more blood starts flowing in our abdominal area.

The body temperature is reduced after a bath immediately, which causes the blood to start flowing to another body part, That’s the cause of weak digestion.

Remedy- It would be better to take a bath before eating or take a bath after 1 hour of having food.

1.3- Drinking Chilled water 

By drinking cold water, our blood vessels contract, due to which proper blood does not flow to digest food. As a result of which our digestive system becomes weak.

Remedy- Try to drink room temperature water and drink lukewarm water 2 to 3 times a day.

1.4- Skip a meal and irregular eating

Many people skip meals because of work or eat at an irregular time. Due to which your metabolic rate slows down, and food does not digest properly.

You feel stressed when Skipping meals and increases the cortisol level, which has a bad effect on the digestive system.

Remedy – Plan a schedule for your meals.

1.5- Drinking water immediately after meals

Some people drink water immediately after eating food and some while eating food, both of these are bad habits.

Because by doing this your digestive juices start diluting, which is very helpful in digesting food.

Remedy – Drinking water after 1 hour of food is good for health

1.6- Eating the wrong food

That means to eat this food like junk food, spice, oily, and stored food, etc,

Eating the wrong combination of food. like paratha with tea and ice cream with gulab jamun etc.

This kind of food damage your liver and digestive system, so choose a healthy option for eating.

3- Symptoms of poor digestion and gas problem

  1. Stomachache
  2. Gastric 
  3. Acidity
  4. Bloating
  5. Halitosis (Bad breath)
  6. Skin irritation

4- Home Remedies to improve poor digestion and gas

We can get rid of poor digestion, and gas problems, for this, we will tell you about some home remedies, which will strengthen your digestive system.

Table of Content

  1. Triphala powder with lukewarm water 
  2. Jeera Water
  3. curd with sugar(Shakkar)
  4. Haldi Doodh( Milk and Turmeric)
  5. Carom Seeds
  6. Amla And Aloe vera juice
  7. Get Quality Sleep 
  8.  Fasting
  9. Drink Enough water 
  10.  Exercise

1- Triphala powder with lukewarm water

Home Remedies to improve poor digestion and gas
  • The combination of both ingredients enhances your digestion system and prevents gastric. 
  • If you eat it every morning on an empty stomach for 30 days, you will feel young and energetic.
  • Eye and brain health will also improve.

2- Jeera Water

jeera water improve poor digestion and gas

After waking up in the morning, boiling cumin seeds with water and drinking it every day on an empty stomach will also improve the digestive system.

3- curd with sugar(Shakkar)

curd with sugar improve poor digestion and gas

We use probiotics to improve digestion, but prefer better yogurt and sugar mixture than using probiotics from outside.
It helps in improving your digestive power.

4- Haldi Doodh( Milk and Turmeric)

haldi dudh improve poor digestion and gas

We all know about the mixture of turmeric and milk. that’s beneficial for health, but we do not know that turmeric milk is also an effective treatment for our digestion.

  • If you prefer camel milk instead of cow and buffalo milk, then it will be beneficial because it contains more vitamins and minerals than cow and buffalo milk.
  • Also rich in Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and potassium, which is beneficial for your health.
  • Apart from this, it also boosts your immunity, as it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can also be consumed by people who’s lactose intolerance, as the amount of lactose in it is low, due to which it gets digested quickly.

However, if camel milk is not easily available in the market, then you can buy camel milk powder by visiting the link given below.

5- Carom Seeds

Using carom seed after eating food is useful for poor digestion and gas. And digestion also improves.

6- Amla And Aloe vera juice

Mix Amla and Aloe Vera juice in lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach, along with improving our digestion system and remove toxins.

7- Get Quality Sleep

You also get a lot of benefits from getting good sleep, it will reduce your stress level along with the lower metabolic rate, and your digestion will also improve.
Sleeping on the left side will give more boost to your digestion.

8- Fasting

If you fast for 1 day after 21 days, it will help in improving digestion.

9- Drink Enough water

drink enough water

Consuming 8 to 9 glasses (3.4 liters) of water every day, you can also get rid of poor digestion and gas, and digestion improved as well.
Because by drinking enough water broken down food properly and the nutrients supply better in the body, that’s causes digestion will be improved.

10- Exercise

exercise improve poor digestion and gas

It is also necessary for you to be physically active with these home remedies, you can also do workouts, exercises, yoga, which will awaken your gastric, which will help a lot in digesting your food.


We hope that whatever has been told to you today in this article will be very helpful for you, if you have a problem of poor digestion and gas, then all the above measures will benefit you, and you can improve your digestion and achieve your goal. can be completed easily.
If you know anything about it then post your comment below.

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