Healthgenie 3691PM Pre-Installed Motorized

Key Features

  • Healthgenie pre-installed Treadmill 3691pm is 90% already installed.
  • the treadmill comes with a 3 Window LED display with a blue backlight.
  • Speed range: the Healthgenie Treadmill comes with a speed range of 1-10 kph
  • The maximum user weight capacity of Healthgenie 3691pm Treadmill is 110Kg
  • Healthgenie pre-installed Treadmill 3691pm comes with low noise DC motor with 1.5hp motor Power
  • the 3691pm Treadmill designed with a running platform size of 380x1050mm
  •  the pre-installed Treadmill 3691pm comes with semi-auto lubrication.
  • Material: Aluminum


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