Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP Motorized Treadmill

Key Features

  1. Free Personal Dietitian (3 Months) and Personal Training Video Session along with Doctor Consultation for all Fitkit Treadmill users.
  2.  Easy Lubrication for easy maintenance, a Speed Range of 0.8-14km/hr, 1200 X 420 mm Wide Spacious anti-skid running board.
  3. LED display showing speed, time, distance, calories burned, fit plus app, It also comes with a safety key.
  4. Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Motor and Manufacturing Defect, 3 Years Warranty on Frame. Suggested to use a proper stabilizer.
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Product information

Technical Details

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Product description

Workout whenever you want and boost your fitness level with the super smart and affordableFitkit FT98 Carbon Non Foldable Motorized Treadmill has the combination of great looks and functionality to provide you an outstanding workout experience at home. It has an ergonomic design and sturdy frame. It is equipped with a powerful 1.25 HP (Continuous) and 2 HP (Peak) efficient DC Motor, enabling a stimulating workout with a low power consuming. With a max user weight of 90 kg and a speed range of 0.8-14km/hr, this robust and stable equipment can easily accommodate any user, from beginners to accomplished ones. This treadmill has a 1200 X 420 mm wide spacious and anti-skid running board . It features an attractive LED panel to display all the vital parameters such as time, speed, distance, calories. This modern treadmill can be connected to the Fitplus App, displaying all your stats in real time. Fitplus App can further be connected with other leading Apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health and devices such as Fitbit, Amazon Alexa allowing you to conveniently monitor all your health parameters such as calories burned, etc. We provide free of cost home installation services in 650+ cities across India . Complimentary services include free Personal Dietitian (3 Months) and Personal Training video session along with Doctor Consultation, to help you achieve your health goals.

From the manufacturer

Fitkit – Complete Fitness Solution


About Fitkit

Our mission at Fitkit is to simplify wellness and help you reach your goals by building world class fitness and health products, combining them with customer focused services and technology. We continuously work towards enhancing the overall customer fitness and health; therefore, we provide following complimentary services to our customers:

Installation Services  We provide At-home Installation services in 650+ cities across India.

Personal Dietitian  Our certified panel of Nutritionists will interact (speak) and build customized plans for each customer based on their equipment and age, goals & health data. They will also guide you and be a constant companion in your fitness journey.

Diet Plan & Tracking – Our customers value inputs on nutrition and diet, therefore we have built technology to provide customized diet plan to our customers which they can track through the Fitplus App.

Doctors Consultation – This integrated service connects you with a board-certified general practitioner who can provide preventive consultation and advise on leading a healthy life.

Fitness Training Plan – Our Fitness Coaches will build a customized, home-based training plan that our customers can easily follow.

Personal Training Video session – Fitplus also provides you the amazing option to connect to a personal trainer and wellness expert who can motivate and support you in your journey towards optimal health and fitness.

Fitkit Smart Treadmill with Amazon Alexa


Smart Integration with Amazon Alexa

Treadmill Control Commands – Your smart Fitkit treadmill now works with Amazon Alexa. You can control your treadmill by asking Alexa to ‘Open Fitplus Health’, ‘Increase speed’, ‘Start Treadmill’, ‘Decrease Speed’, etc.

Diet Related Commands – You can ask Alexa for your diet plan with voice commands, such as, ‘Alexa, what should I eat for lunch’, ‘What should I eat for dinner’, etc.

Body Vitals Related Commands – You can track your water intake, blood pressure and other vital parameters through Alexa by voice commands, such as, ‘Alexa, what is my pulse rate’, ‘How much should be my daily water intake’, etc.

Key Features


Fitkit FT98 Carbon Non Foldable Motorized Treadmill

Quiet & Energy Saving Motor  With a DC green efficient and a strong 2 HP peak motor power, this treadmill can accommodate any user – from beginners to pros and from walkers to runners, with a speed range of 0.8-14 km/hr.

Maximum user weight capacity – 90 kg (note: always choose a treadmill that has user weight capacity at least 20 Kg more than your current weight since the impact weight increases during running)

Comfortable Running Track – 1200 X 420 mm wide, spacious, anti-skid running board. Also, get effortless maintenance done with easy lubrication option.

Shock Absorbing Running (Cushion Effect) – The shock absorbing multi layered running belt is made of the same high impact professional grade material used by professional sports teams. These protect your knees, absorb the vibration and are non-slippery.

Display Features


Attractive and easy to use LED console

Attractive LED Panel – It features an attractive LED panel to display all the vital parameters such as time, speed, distance & calories

Real Time Connectivity – This modern treadmill can be connected to the Fitplus App, displaying all your stats in real time. All fitness data gathered through the treadmill will be automatically synced to the Fitplus App. The tracking of your fitness journey thus becoming hassle free and convenient.

Auto Stop Function – The auto-stop function minimizes the risk of injury. During running you can simply attach the safety clip to your clothes and run as normal, it will auto stop if you fall or drift back dangerously on the treadmill.

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